NAP Sportauspuff Manufaktur GmbH

Manufacturers of automotive parts wanting to survive in a strongly competitive market, should avoid getting caught in the price trap. Asian high-volume manufacturers often underprice, only with the purpose of staying in business. That makes it difficult for companies working on Northern European conditions and labour agreements. In that case it is better to score points on unique engineering, says Christian Lübke, owner and CEO of NAP Sportauspuff Manufaktur GmbH, a German manufacturer of exhaust systems. For many years, Mr Lübke, a qualified engineer, travelled around the world for the big car makers to open new markets. He has thorough knowledge not only of the fundamental economic rules of the business but also of the automotive technology. „Christian has petrol in his blood - cars are and will remain his keen interest“, says his wife Simone, who also works in the family business.

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