When Danish steel manufacturing company Weissenborn was about to invest in new machinery, Migatronic welding experts gave advice on welding machines and optimisation possibilities. As a result, Weissenborn renewed some of its machines and ultimately saved both welding time and money.

Since 1885, Weissenborn has supplied components and assembled solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. From its headquarter in the Danish town Vejle, the company’s some 30 employees carry out complex welding assignments, primarily for enterprises in the wind energy industry and other green technology industries.

Flexible and efficient service is important to Weissenborn in order to match the increasing demands for quality, price and safety. Consequently, the company’s production planning systems are computerised, making all workflows easily adjustable to individual orders. This allows Weissenborn to carry out even complex welding assignments within a short time limit and deliver all orders on time.

- Short production times and high-quality products are vital for our business. This requires proficient staff as well as a flexible and modern setup including the best welding equipment in the market. That is why we only use welding machines from Migatronic, our regular supplier. Migatronic’s high performance and user-friendly welding machines deliver a spectacular finish. They are decisive for our ability to carry out the increasingly complex tasks for our customers. Consequently, we recently chose to add two new Sigma Select machines with DUO Plus function to our machinery, says Martin Roll, production manager at Weissenborn.

Welding time reduced by 22 per cent

To ensure trouble-free implementation of the new Sigma Select welding machines, Weissenborn was professionally guided by Migatronic’s group of welding experts. The welding experts advise on all aspects of welding, including manual welding technique and setup of automatic welding solutions, with a view to optimising customers’ productions.

The welding experts recommended Weissenborn to replace its TIG welding machines by the new Sigma Select machines in certain parts of the production in order to save time and optimise production:

- Migatronic recommended us to switch from TIG welding to MAG welding specific stainless steel components. MAG welding is a much faster process but typically, it generates a good deal of weld spatter, which may have a negative impact on the welding quality. With the Sigma Select machines and the DUO Plus function, we achieve beautiful welds with a minimum of weld spatter. Consequently, we chose to discuss it with our customer who did not consider it a problem to switch to MAG welding of specific components. As a result, we have reduced our welding time for some components by as much as 22 per cent, mind you without affecting our high welding quality. This is very positive, because it enables us to lower the price for our popular solutions, says Roll.

Having access to Migatronic’s expert knowledge and guidance means a lot to Weissenborn:

- Migatronic’s expert demonstrated all the functions of the Sigma Select welding machine, and our welders also got the opportunity to test and practice on the machine. In this way, the new welding machines made a difference in our production from day one, Roll explains.

Efficiency enhancement gives new opportunities

Migatronic’s expert advice means more than one spin-off benefit for Weissenborn:

- Switching to MAG welding has increased our production speed and capacity on specific components. This enables us to compete for assignments, which we would never have engaged in before. We have also been able to lower the price for some of our assignments because we spend less time on welding, says Roll.

Once a year, Migatronic’s service department carries out a maintenance check-up of all Weissenborn’s Migatronic welding machines.

- The annual service check-up of all our welding machines is of great benefit to us. It is our guarantee for trouble-free operation, and in case of breakdown of a machine, we will simply return it to Migatronic for repair, says Roll.


Welding experts create more value

The focus of Migatronic’s group of welding experts is to create more value to customers by offering a flexible service. The experts can always be reached by phone and they willingly call on customers:

- We experience that manufacturing companies constantly look for new ways to optimise their welding production in order to stay competitive. This is where we come into play by going over their production and advising them how to improve their welding setup, says Migatronic welding expert Michael Andersen.

- In this way, customers get some idea of all the possibilities of our machines, and we help customers make the right decision when it is time to invest in a new welding solution. Like in the case of Weissenborn, it may ultimately mean large savings in time and money, Andersen concludes.