Kvaerner Stord

Norwegian industrial giant Kvaerner Stord has been testing the Omega Yard, a compact welding machine designed for heavy-duty usage in tough environments. And this is precisely what the Omega Yard is exposed to at Kvaerner Stord.

No changes in the weld pool

You may run into all sorts of situations, good or bad, awkward or awesome, when testing a new welding machine. In fact, situations can become so awesome that you may want to type a happy smiley in your test report. This is precisely what welder Oddvar Schei did after having tested the Omega Yard welding machine. It was one of the good days where you tend to use happy smileys.

Things are moving fast in the welding business. There is an ever increasing demand for efficiency, so getting hold of a test welding machine, capable of welding uninterrupted for as long as one hour, without any changes to the weld pool is quite awesome. Oddvar Schei, welder and planner in Kvaerner Stord, wrote in his test report:

When we tested the machine, we were able to weld for 55 minutes using approx. 300 amps, which is 100% duty cycle, without any changes in the weld pool. What stopped the welding operation was in fact that the wire coil ran empty. I have never seen anything like it with compact welding machines”.

The Omega Yard just keeps on welding. The stable weld pool provides better penetration into the material and, in the end, high-quality welds. Doing a job fast and properly is the essence of efficiency. This is where the Omega Yard has its basis of existence.

The last 50 amps make the difference

The Omega Yard ensures better penetration into the material and prevents lack of fusion when you weld using high amperages.

The Omega Yard demonstrates a significant difference between a compact welding machine performing 250 amps and the Omega Yard performing 300 amps”, says Oddvar Schei, welder and planner at Kvaerner Stord.

When you can weld for an hour using approx. 300 amps without any changes in the weld pool and the spray arc remains spray arc, you get better penetration and avoid lack of fusion”, he adds. The 50 amps are what make the difference.

About Kvaerner Stord

Kvaerner Stord is a world-leading supplier of complete oil and gas offshore platforms and onshore process plants globally. The company is specialised in cost-effective engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects and employs a workforce of around 2900.