Intelligent Arc Control

Be sure of complete fusion.

Weld a solid foundation

Use Intelligent Arc Control to make the first joint, the root pass. Intelligent Arc Control makes sure that fusion in this first joint is perfect. It makes up a solid groundwork with a flat weld appearance so you can proceed with the rest of your weld.


Intelligent Arc Control makes welding of root passes on butt joints easy, even for less experienced welders. With a 100% stable and focused modified short arc, you achieve complete fusion in root passes. This increases the quality of each weld.

  • Less heat input = less deformation of the welded material but still with sufficient penetration
  • No weld spatter = less time spent on post-treatment
  • Not sensitive to a varying stickout in a weld pass = easier to carry out root passes
  • Significantly increases welding speed in downwards welding of root passes compared to traditional upwards welding
  • Weld faster = produce more
  • Lower production costs for each workpiece
IAC is ideal for
  • Root passes
  • Butt welds
  • Pipes, tubes and tanks
  • Mild and stainless steel
  • All plate thicknesses
  • Manual and automated welding
  • Standard welding procedures
    according to EN 1090/15612
Full control - quite automatic

Intelligent Arc Control registers every single welding cycle and automatically adjusts the arc 50,000 times per second. It predicts the next millisecond of the weld and constantly supplies the required energy.