Sigma One

One purpose. Weld.

Sigma One is a super simple, high-performance inverter. It is ideal for busy welding productions where the main aim is to keep productivity level high.

  • High duty cycle - weld for many hours
  • Few programs and function – only the essentials
  • Fast weldign with pulse function
  • Advanced equipment, simple to operate

Use Sigma One for welding large steel structures, prefabrication and thick plates in mild and stainless steel in the production hall or on-site.

One does simply get things done

With Sigma One, you get the essential welding programs and functions you need to be able to carry out efficient and high-quality multipass welding. There are no unnecessary refining of the arc, just weld. Use it for root passes and the additional layers.

The high duty cycle enables you to weld for many hours without any decrease of currents or compromising welding quality. Weld as many meters per day as your tasks require. With a large team of welders, you can keep productivity level at an absolute maximum.

Let yourself be absorbed completely in your work. Serve your sole purpose: to weld. Disappear into containers or other narrow spaces with this one, and know that you do not have to come back any time soon. Simply just disappear and get things done.

Continuous and faster welding
Migatronic Sigma One machine series.

Migatronic Sigma One machine series.

Graphic control panel

The simple and visual display is intuitive to navigate and easy to use for both the welder and the supervisor. It will contribute to making your daily working procedures efficient.

The interface is user-friendly for both experienced and less experienced users. Well-known symbols and visual presentations of settings show how your adjustments will affect the weld. Essential information like material, gas and plate thickness is presented so it is always easy to find.

Choose synergic DC or pulse
Synergic DC

All the primary welding parameters are linked and work together. Choose this process if you need a variety of predefined welding programs for carrying out specific welding jobs.


Pulse process is an extension of synergic DC. It enables you to get a better control of the arc compared to regular DC welding and increases the welding speed. The low heat input and spatter-free welding makes the pulse process ideal for stainless steel and aluminium.




Miga Memory: Save your settings

Take advantage of a digital memory in your welding machine - save your favourite welding settings and recall them anytime you want. It is easy to find your routine settings and start welding right away.

Highlighted features

Software update via SD-card

Whenever there is a new software release, you can update your Sigma One via SD-card. You can download the software from our website for free.

Program packages

A standard package of 40+ welding programs for both mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium is included. You can add further programs for all materials if needed.

WPS Lock Card

Enables different levels of locking parameter settings. Ideal for compliance with Welding Procedure Specifications or prevention of incorrect settings.

LED light

LED light in the wire console makes it easy to change wire and spools in low light environment.