New standard for energy efficiency in welding

Transformer-based welding machines are being phased out

Due to a new EU regulation concerning energy efficiency, the transformer-based Automig welding machines will be phased out by 1 January 2023 and we will no longer produce, market or sell them.


Note: The EU has decided to postpone the decision, so the regulation will be enforced from 1 January 2024.

A final goodbye to a popular oldtimer: the classic Automig

Automig 183

Three-phase MIG/MAG welding machine based on transformer technology.

Automig 223

Three-phase MIG/MAG welding machine based on transformer technology.

Automig 273

Three-phase MIG/MAG welding machine based on transformer technology.

The EU Directive
Why are our transformer-based welding machines being cancelled?

It is decided by the EU in The Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC and in particular underlying standardization IEC 60974-1:2021 that welding machines need to contribute to a sustainable development by improving energy efficiency.

The Migatronic Automig 183/223/273 does not live up to the minimum efficiency values stated in the directive and underlying standard describing ecodesign requirements for welding equipment.

It means that the power consumption of the once fashionable Automig, that has been part of Migatronic for decades, is too high, and does not fit the profile of modern industrial productions as of 2023.


Minimum efficiency value: 85 %

AUTOMIG 183/223/273

Efficiency value: 77 %

What is efficiency?

Energy efficiency describes how good your welding machine is to use the line power that is supplied.

A welding machine with a low efficiency rate will consume more power than a machines with a high efficiency rate to get the same job done.

So, choosing a welding machine with a high efficiency rate means that you will consumes less power, and as a result lower your electricity costs.



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COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/1784 of 1 October 2019 laying down ecodesign requirements for welding equipment pursuant to Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.