KML Miller GmbH

KML Miller has been a leading manufacturer of special cabins for centuries. The company has built up a strong reputation in the markets, in particular with its plug & play cabin solutions. Customers’ advantage with these plug-in cabins is the easy way of connecting the supplied cabins to any chassis or crane, construction machine or composting plant. IT, sanitary, air conditioning and all other technical equipment are preinstalled in the cabin and directly connectable.

From fire-fighting to aircraft tractor

Miller's engineers are specialists in materials, requirements and loads. Over the years, they have gained a wealth of experience in the construction of cabins for offshore cranes in the Atlantic and aircraft tractors in the desert as well as crew cabins for fire-fighting vehicles and overpressure controlled cabins for composting facilities, which toxic gases must not penetrate.


Pulse arc perfect for use with high-tensile steel

The proven Migatronic pulse arc, for example, enabling almost spatter-free welding at optimal heat input and high welding speed, results in technologically and aesthetically perfect welding seams. For KML Miller, metallurgical precision as well as visual perfection are decisive. This saves mechanical post-processing and improves efficiency and productivity. The Miller cabins also differ favourably from competitors’ cabins through the exquisite design: elegant and harmonic curves as opposed to edgy shapes, elaborate, comfortable interior design and sustainable surface coatings.

Easy access to WPS's

To achieve high perfection and customer satisfaction, Miller relies on suppliers’ high-quality products. When it comes to Migatronic, Miller’s engineers and welding operators are primarily enthusiastic about the ease-of-operation and pre-programmed welding processes for almost all applications, whether for the frequently used fine-grained steel or for extruded aluminium profiles in various alloys. The Migatronic website allows welders to download approved welding procedure specifications (WPS‘s) according to the EN 1090 standard.

Compact structure of the machines enables mobility

The compact structure of the welding machines was also decisive for Miller’s choice of welding machine supplier, because of the need for mobility in the production of the relatively small cabins.

The welding operators are very satisfied with their everyday tool and emphasize for example the robust cover which protects the display from grinding dust, an apparently minor detail of the welding machines. Welding specialist Stephan Fleig is also very satisfied with the “sound” of the Migatronic machines, proving their outstanding and stable performance.