Sequence Repeat

Invent your own arc. 


The Sequence Repeat technology provides maximum freedom to construct the ideal arc for your specific welding tasks. Link together individual sequences and customise welding cycles.

  • Avoid convex fillet welds - Creates flat weld seams and optimal weld penetration every time
  • Less effort during upwards and overhead position welding
  • Makes the working process simpler
  • Save the settings on an SD-card and transfer the settings to other Migatronic welding machines
Upwards and overhead positions

Use Sequence Repeat for the complex welding tasks where no predefined welding programs are good enough.

The process especially makes it easier to carry out the difficult upwards and overhead position fillet welds.

Sequence repeat is ideal for
  • Upwards and overhead position fillet welds
  • Open groove joints and fillet welds
  • >3 mm thickness of plate
  • All materials
  • Manual and automated welding

Be creative

During Sequence Repeat welds, the process automatically switches between predefined amps and pulse/no pulse and predefined time periods. Adjust all parameters in the chosen sequences (2-9 sequences). Set the sequences individually and connect them in one welding cycle. Modify and set the sequences precisely as you want - the illustration is an example.

sequence repeat dc/dc curve
Sequence repeat pulse/dc curve