Intelligent Spatter Control

Minimise spatter in all your welds

Intelligent Spatter Control for Sigma Select & Automig 300 Pulse

The MIG/MAG function Intelligent Spatter Control (ISC) is an all-round spatter reduction process. With ISC, you can minimise the amount of spatter in all welding positions. Use it for short arc circuit processes to achieve minimal or zero spatter. 

  • Hardly any spatter.
  • Less time spent on post-treatment.
  • Minimise the total processing time for a workpiece.
  • Leaves a great finish.
ISC is ideal for
  • Welding productions with high finish quality requirements.
  • All welding positions.
  • Mild and stainless steel.
  • Manual and automated welding.
Welding short arc without spatter

Traditionally, short arc welding is the preferred welding process because it can be used with low amperages, the weld pool is small and solidifies quickly. However, the arc is also unstable, which creates a lot of spatter. The arc pressure in ISC makes it possible to weld with a short arc without spatter.