Easy collection of welding data.


Keep track of your welding data with MigaLog software. Analyse and document your work. Use MigaLog to collect data for documentation and verification in accordance with EN and ISO welding standards.

  • Make it easy to draw up welding procedure specifications (WPS'), prepare training and do spot checks.
  • Calculate your task execution time per workpiece for the purpose of improving your welding production.
  • Register volts, amps, gas consumption (with IGC®), wire feed speed, heat input and time spent on your welds. Use it for calculating your efficiency prior to submitting tenders.
  • MigaLog does not require any extra equipment or training of employees.
MigaLog is ideal for
  • Welding productions which require any kind of data collection for the purpose of making improvements, increasing efficiency or submitting tenders
  • Welding productions which require compliance with welding standards and norms


Transmit all welding data from an SD-card in the welding machine to a PC for active visualisation and print. The SD-card can hold welding data in two types of files per weld (DAT and TXT).