Intelligent Gas Control®

Less gas for every weld.


IGC® Intelligent Gas Control technology prevents over-consumption of gas and gives you long term savings. With weld pools always perfectly protected, you increase the quality of each weld.

Make sure that all your welding machines are equipped with IGC® Intelligent Gas Control and save money every day. Your investment will quickly pay for itself.

  • Always optimum gas protection =  no holes, pores or impure welds. Less failures created by insufficient gas flow or gas turbulence
  • No unnecessary loss of gas, so-called gas puff at ignition = no over-consumption of gas
  • No change in working procedures = easy for welders
  • Fewer replacements of gas cylinders = save money and time
  • Gas synergy lines are pre-adjusted for MIG and TIG welding – for gas and type of wire
IGC® is ideal for
  • All welding processes, that uses welding gas
  • All materials
  • All kinds of welds
  • Manuel and automated welding
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No over-consumption at ignition

Intelligent Gas Control® automatically optimises your gas flow to current needs during every moment of your entire weld. A traditional valve causes a large waste of gas. Welding with Intelligent Gas Control® prevents over-consumption of gas at the moment of ignition.

IGC® knows your weld

The higher the amperage and the bigger the weld pool, the more gas you need. A traditional valve does not know this. Intelligent Gas Control® knows your weld and makes sure that your weld pool is always perfectly protected.