PowerArc Pulse

Faster pulse welding – same neat result. 

PowerArc Pulse for Sigma Select

The MIG/MAG function speeds up your pulse welding process. You can increase your pulse welding (speed) by up to 30% compared to traditional pulse welding. This means noticeably improved productivity and efficiency.

The improvement is a result of an adjustment in the arc, which makes it even more focused, more stable and more controlled. Upgraded software gives an increased arc pressure, which allows for faster pulse welding, while the qualities of the pulse process are preserved.

Who can benefit from using PowerArc Pulse?

Potentially every welder who uses the pulse process in his/her work. It is especially suitable for you who have assignments that entail many meters of welding daily. The more you weld, the more you will benefit from the function in terms of increased productivity. Examples of such assignments could be containers, tanks and steel drums.

PowerArc Pulse is ideal for all welding positions and all types of material, especially stainless steel. This is because the speed mixed with the low risk of weld spatter leaves little need for post-treatment.

The function is applicable for both manual and automated welding. Using PowerArc Pulse in automated welding helps you obtain uniform weld seams at a high pace at all times.

PowerArc Pulse benefits
  • Increased welding speed – up to 30% faster than traditional pulse welding
  • Fewer deformations
  • A minimum of weld spatter – little need for post-treatment
  • Deep weld penetration
  • Lower heat input compared to traditional pulse welding
  • You can stay competitive, because the use of PowerArc Pulse can reduce welding time for assignments that call for many meters of welding.