The ultimate fixation.


Make extremely small and precise TIG-A-Tack fixations without root protection gas in austenitic stainless steel. The fixations are invisible in the final weld seam. Use TIG-A-Tack for quick tack welding of tubes, pipes or plates of austenitic stainless steel.

  • The semi-automatic TIG-A-Tack process is fast and easy to use for all TIG welders
  • Minimises the consumption of consumables and gas = saves time and money
  • Low heat input and a minimum of weld penetration lowers the risk of weakened corrosion resistance and deformation of the welded material compared to ordinary tacks
  • The extremely small fixation points are invisible in the final weld seam
TIG-A-Tack is ideal for
  • Fixating workpieces prior to welding - tack welding of pipes, tubes, plates etc.
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Thin plate thicknesses
  • Manual and automated welding
Smart technology

Every fixation with TIG-A-Tack lasts only 0.02-0,1 second. The process prevents any weld penetration and supplies a minimum of heat to the welded material.

Using the TIG-A-Tack fixations without root protection gas requires correctly set fixation time and the process must be included in an approved WPS.

Follow the guideline for settings and make visual control afterwards for approval.

See fixation folder

Tack-welding versus fixation in austenitic stainless steel

Traditional tack-welding

  • Long time required to prepare e.g. forming gas protection in pipes
  • High heat input owing to 'long' tack-welding time (several seconds)
  • Extra hands needed to hold fittings in place
  • Filler material required


TIG-A-Tack fixation

  • Semi-automatic repeatable process, no preparation time
  • Low heat input owing to extremely short fixation time: 0.02-0.1 second
  • Ultra-small fixation points, invisible in the finished weld
  • Easy process for any welder
  • Filler material not required