Nordic Steel

Flexibility is key for the Norwegian provider of advanced sheet metal fabrication and welding, Nordic Steel. To maintain their market leading position, the company recently added a brand new Sigma Select welding machine from Migatronic to their operation - because anything is possible with the right machinery.

Since its establishment in 2005, Nordic Steel has taken the Norwegian welding industry by storm. From their factory in Orstad, 20 minutes south of Stavanger in Norway, the company assists a variety of industries with highly specialised welding services and advanced sheet metal fabrication – from the offshore and fishing industry to the infrastructure and construction industry. The company weld anything from certified offshore and subsea units to load bearing steel for schools and public buildings.

- Our services often entail complex welding processes. We receive the plans and models from our customers, which we use to customise a given product. Our job is to process, assemble and customise the components that we get from our subcontractors to the need of our customers, Roy Fuglestad, Head of the Welding Department at Nordic Steel, says.

Efficient and Flexible Welding

Nordic Steel has a range of certified welding specialists at the 4,000 sqm production site – and the welders know their trade.

- We can weld almost any product, and we already have a very high degree of flexibility in our services. But the technological developments of today open new doors for a company like ours. High tech welding machinery offer great opportunities for us to improve our services and become more efficient, Roy Fuglestad explains.

With the objective of gradually modernising their welding machinery, Nordic Steel purchased the brand new intelligent welding solution from Migatronic, namely the Sigma Select.

- We already have Migatronic welding machines at our site, and we are very satisfied with their advanced technological features, significant durability and exceptional performance. In our experience, the Migatronic brand is both reliable and constantly at the forefront of the technological advancements, which is why choosing the Sigma Select was an easy decision for us, Roy Fuglestad says.

Intelligent Welding for All Certifications

Nordic Steel was the first steel company in Norway to acquire the new Sigma Select from Migatronic.

- The Sigma Select is very easy and convenient to work with. The pulse function ensures spatter free welding and a perfect and clean finish. This leaves a more complete product that needs only a small amount of supplementary work. Overall, the Sigma Select has led to a more efficient welding process - and better products for our customers in the end, Roy Fuglestad explains.

The Sigma Select is a modular three-phase MIG/MAG and MMA inverter, which combines multiple functions into one single, intelligent welding unit. Nordic Steel has a range of certifications under their belt and uses all known welding methods for all purposes. That is why Nordic Steel chose to purchase the Sigma Select with all applicable features to ensure maximum performance and flexibility.

- A wide range of software can be applied to the Sigma Select making it an extremely versatile machine, while it is also very user-friendly and easy to program. It gives our highly specialised welders more freedom to do their job, as it can be programmed to support all our welding certifications. This means that our welding specialists can rely solely on one single welding machine rather than many different. We are very satisfied with our new machine, and we consider it a benchmark for future investments in new welding machinery throughout our ongoing modernisation process, Roy Fuglestad says.

The Perfect Fit

According to Tommy Mellemstrand, Sales Manager at Rogaland Import Service A/S, the Sigma Select’s sophisticated features make it interesting for welding companies that frequently undertake complex welding tasks:

- The machine is very intelligent and easy to use. A range of software can be applied to it, and new welding programs can be added and easily installed by the welders. During welding, it leaves no spatter on the wire, which is a very convenient feature, as it can be difficult to start the machine if there are metals scraps on the thread. Overall, it is packed with state-of-the-art technology - and Migatronic’s exceptional service is also included, Tommy Mellemstrand says.

Rogaland Import Service A/S has been the preferred supplier of professional high-quality welding machines and accessories to Nordic Steel, since the company was founded in 2011. The Norwegian import business has previously delivered four Sigma Galaxy machines from Migatronic to Nordic Steel – and when Nordic Steel were enquiring about a new flexible welding solution, Rogaland Import Service A/S did not hesitate to recommend a new machine from Migatronic again.

- We recommended the Sigma Select to Nordic Steel, because it was well suited for the company’s need for a high degree of versatility combined with high tech welding. It was the perfect fit. Our customers are all very satisfied with the flexibility, efficiency and quality that are the hallmarks of the Migatronic brand, Tommy Mellemstrand says.

Facts About the Sigma Select

  • Modular-based three-phase MIG/MAG and MMA inverter
  • Available in three power sources, 300, 400 and 550 A with or without pulse
  • Choose between multiple functions and welding programs – you can always add more
  • High versatility and exceptional welding performance for all materials
  • Future-proof: Can receive new programs and functions via software updates and extra hardware
  • Available as a compact model and with a separate wire feeder
  • User-friendly control panel with multiple options
  • DUO Plus: ensures a perfect finish
  • IAC (Intelligent Arc Control): 100% stable and focused short arc with
  • IGC® (Intelligent Gas Control): large-scale gas savings
  • PowerArc: ensures maximum weld penetration
  • Miga Job Control™: save and share your favourite settings
  • MigaLog software: register and analyse welding data
  • Use it for mounting, heavy industry and automated solutions