Frontmatec, a developer and manufacturer of customised and automated solutions for the meat preparation and preservation industry, recently invested in five Sigma Select welding machines from Danish welding machine manufacturer Migatronic. Equipped with the innovative DUO Plus technology, the Sigma Select machines can make TIG-like welds. This has significantly reduced Frontmatec’s production time.

Frontmatec standing around Sigma Select

Headquartered in Kolding in the southern part of Denmark, Frontmatec is a world leading provider of customised and automated solutions for the global meat preparation and preservation industry. In 2017, the Danish company joined forces with five other companies specialising in machinery for meat processing, namely SFK LEBLANC, Attec, ITEC, Carometec and Accles & Shelvoke. This has enabled Frontmatec to develop and manufacture complete and unique solutions for almost any company in the meat industry. Today, Frontmatec employs around 1,300 people across the company’s 18 branches in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

As a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, hygiene is a critical factor in all aspects of Frontmatec’s business. That is why the company has used TIG welding in its production line for many years, as it creates a smooth and easy-to-clean weld. However, as TIG welding is also a more time consuming welding process compared to MIG/MAG or MMA welding, Frontmatec started to look for new welding technologies to rationalise the company’s production.

- We primarily use TIG welding to manufacture our automated solutions for the meat industry. Unfortunately, TIG is a more demanding and time consuming welding process than for example MIG/MAG welding – partially because it requires the welder to manually feed filler wire into the weld pool. This makes it difficult to reduce production time, Hans Henrik Pedersen, Foreman at Frontmatec says.

- To optimise our production, we started to search for processes where it is not necessary for us to use TIG welding. We are required to use TIG to manufacture components that get in contact with foods, but that does not necessarily apply to other parts of our solutions. For these components, we can use MIG/MAG welding instead – without compromising hygiene and quality.


TIG-Like Welding Reduces Production Time

In the search for welding technologies that could optimise the company’s production line, Frontmatec was introduced to the Sigma Select MIG/MAG welding machine from Migatronic. With the innovative DUO Plus technology, the machine is able to make TIG-like welds. DUO Plus reduces heat input, which gives the welder better control of the weld pool and increases the wire feed speed. The use of DUO Plus also contributes to a smooth surface on the final weld. According to Hans Henrik Pedersen, the innovative welding technology makes the Sigma Select the perfect welding solution for Frontmatec:

- When we experienced the Sigma Select with DUO Plus for the first time, we were very surprised by the MIG/MAG weld’s TIG-like appearance and beautiful ripples. The welding machine was able to weld two 0.9 mm metal sheets together using a 1 mm wire without burning through the sheets, which is a spectacular achievement. After the test, we were convinced that the Sigma Select was the right welding solution for us, he says.

Frontmatec initially invested in two Sigma Select welding machines with DUO Plus , but the machines became so popular among the company’s welders that Frontmatec soon added three additional Sigma Selects to its production. Today, the five Sigma Selects are an essential part of the company’s production line, and according to Hans Henrik Pedersen, the Migatronic machines have reduced production time significantly:

- Previously, when we only used TIG welding, we had to weld the components three or four times, while, with our new Sigma Selects, we only need to weld them once. The need for refinishing our components is also decreased because DUO Plus increases the welding speed and hereby reduces the heat input on the parent material. In this way, DUO Plus prevents oxidation of the surface and reduces deformation of the material to a minimum - which is a typical problem in TIG welding, he explains.

Sigma Select Exceeds Expectations

As a result of continuous growth over the recent years, Frontmatec is currently planning on opening a factory in Romania and, according to Global Operations Manager, Logi Einarsson , the company will also invest in Migatronic machines for its new Romanian factory:

- The Sigma Selects with DUO Plus have exceeded our expectations, and we see great potential in the welding machines. The production time at our Danish headquarter has been reduced remarkably, and we hope to see the same effect at our new factory in Romania. That is why we plan to invest in more Sigma Select welding machines with DUO Plus and perhaps other Migatronic welding solutions , says Logi Einarsson.

According to Bjarne Rasmussen, Area Sales Manager at Migatronic, the versatility of the Sigma Select with DUO Plus makes it the ideal welding solution for any company using TIG welding in its production line:

- Many companies using TIG welding are struggling to bring down production time. With a Sigma Select with DUO Plus, these companies can now replace TIG welding with MIG/MAG without compromising welding quality and finish, he explains.

Facts About the Sigma Select with DUO Plus

  • Modular-based three-phase MIG/MAG and MMA inverter for professionals
  • Three power source sizes: 300 A, 400 A and 550 A with or without pulse
  • Compact model or separate wire feeder
  • Use it for on-site welding, heavy industry and automated solutions
  • Adaptable to match current needs and upgradable with new welding programs and functions
  • User-friendly, detachable control panel with multiple options
  • DUO Plus automatically ensures a perfect finish
  • IAC Intelligent Arc Control ensures a 100% stable and focused short arc
  • IGC® Intelligent Gas Control prevents overconsumption of gas and gives you savings up to 50%
  • PowerArc secures maximum weld penetration
  • Miga Job Control for saving and sharing favourite welding settings
  • MigaLog software for registering and analysing welding data


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