For more than 20 years, Migatronic Automation has developed custom-engineered automated welding solutions for Autoliv, the world’s leading company in automotive safety systems. Migatronic Automation has delivered five new advanced automated welding systems for Autoliv’s technical centres in Sweden and China.

A new generation of airbags

For more than 20 years, Migatronic Automation has been among Autoliv’s preferred business partners in developing automated welding solutions that fit the specific needs of the Swedish multinational company. Not long ago, Autoliv placed a large order for an additional five automated welding systems from Migatronic Automation.

"We plan to expand the production to 8 million airbags per year by 2019, which is why we recently invested in five new automated welding systems from Migatronic Automation", Anders Ohlson, Project Manager at Autoliv, explains.

Interdependent production processes

Autoliv delivers safety systems to more than 100 different car brands around the world, and among the current customers of the new airbag type are car brands such as Ford, Renault, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

"Automated welding provides efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness to our large volume production process, while concurrently ensuring uniformity in design and quality of our products, which in this case concerns the airbag inflator. However, the production interdependency in the automotive industry also explains why we place such high demands on our own business partners and their ability to deliver. We simply rely on them just as much as our customers rely on us", says Anders Ohlson.

Expertise above all

"We are always very thorough in our procurement processes and in our assessment of the offers and solutions available in the market. We have many years of experience with automated welding in our production facilities, so we were very clear in our requirement specification. Still, Migatronic Automation managed to challenge our specified needs with their skills and expertise on the subject matter, while they also found new areas in which we could optimise the production process further.

For that reason and due to their state of the art technology, Migatronic Automation were the ones that we felt most confident in selecting for the task, in spite of them not being the cheapest candidate available in the market", says Anders Ohlson.

No need for babysitting

The project-based collaboration between customers and Migatronic Automation along with the concurrent advisory service during the process was also key in Autoliv’s choice of business partner:

"The communication and the whole setup of Migatronic Automation just ran smoothly and professionally – from consulting us early on in the process with a view to further clarifying our needs and requirements to developing the advanced automated welding systems, and finally implementing and fine-tuning them in our existing production facilities.

Last but not least, you don’t have to babysit the representatives of Migatronic Automation, which we consider to be a very important quality. They know what they are doing and they have been capable of acting on their own in our environment throughout the entire process", Anders Ohlson concludes.