A robust plasma cutter

Use the Zeta plasma cutter for manual or automated cutting in all conductive metals and metal alloys. The machine is designed for workshop use and on-site repairs – also in perforated or punched plates. Simply press the appropriate button, and the machine is ready to cut.

  • Power-saving standby function
  • Fine gouging
  • Portable
  • Wear parts with a long service life

The plasma cutter is ideal for fine gouging. If you have detected a lack of fusion in your weld, use the fine gouging process to peel off the weld seam, and you are able to repair the defect.

Straightforward plasma cutting

The simple and user-friendly control panel makes it easy to control the plasma cutting process. Just set the amperage according to plate thickness, and you are ready for cutting. The Zeta 100 handles up to 25 mm plates with a quality cut. If there are no special demands to the quality of the cut surface, you can cut plates that are up to 50% thicker.

Extended service life and optimal operating economy

The plasma arc is ignited automatically via the pilot arc. This means longer service life of wear parts in the torch body. Cutting in perforated or punched plates is possible due to the advanced technology that makes the machine switch between cutting arc and pilot arc.

The Zeta plasma cutter features power-saving standby function for optimal cutting and operating economy.



Bring your Zeta plasma cutter along for site welding operations.

Fine gouging

When a lack of fusion is detected, use this process to peel of your weld seam.

Control panel

Simple and easy to operate.