Design upgrade

Physical appearance of a welding machines in the workshop is really something. This design upgrade is about quality, functionality and appeal. First impressions are important, but the everyday feeling is vital. This design is neat and spotless. Literally. The dimples are gone so the MIGATRONIC logo can shine. The pure, dynamic expression of the rounded cabinet is a perfect fit for the mood of our time.


The handles

A great grip

The two handles are strong and sturdy. They form a great grip for the user to hold on to when pushing or pulling the welding machine around in the workshop. The green colour encourages interaction. 

The cabinet silhouette

The perfect angles

This proud cabinet symbolises strength and durability. Its sleek, modern design gives the impression of a welding machine that is ready for anything and capable of overcoming any challenge that comes its way. The smooth surface glints in the light, reflecting the quality of the craftsmanship that went into its creation.  



Similar, but different. The geometric forms of the cabinet is less rectangular and more curvy. An 8 degree slope on the top profile eliminates dead space inside the cabinet.


Easily catch a glimpse. The lying position of the control panel at the 41 degree slope turned out to be the optimal view angle for the user. 

The button

Turn me on

The on/off button has an embedded LED light. It speaks to the user, who can easily decode this welding machine language as it builds on the well known GREEN, YELLOW, RED marking.  


Green - Weld

Get going, do your thing, finish the job. GREEN means that your machine is ready to weld.

Yellow - Wait

Pause for a second. There is a minor issue. YELLOW means warning. Solve the issue now or ignore and solve it later.

Red - Stop

Don't weld anymore. Something is wrong. RED means error. Stop and solve the error before you continue welding.


For everyday use

We believe that great craftsmanship is a result of passion, dedication, and attention to detail. No matter how much or little you weld every day, you deserve to have great welding machines at hand. They are all powerful and built to last, making them a great choice for many different welding projects. 

Welding machines

Design upgrade

These state-of-the-art welding machines are designed to meet the unique needs of professional industries and auto repair welding. Learn more about them here.




Sigma One 230/270

Occasionally welding

A high performing MIG/MAG welding machine, designed for repair, maintenance and other quickly done welding tasks in professional industries.

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Automig 230/270

Great responsibility for auto repair. 

Reliable MIG/MAG welding machines designed for repair work in the automotive industry. Tested and trusted by professionals. With all features and functions needed for auto repair welding.

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