A classic for the auto business

The Automig is a step-regulated three-phase welding machine proven to live a long service life.

  • Step-regulated
  • Robust and reliable – built to last
  • User-friendly control panel

Automig is designed for quality welding in auto business, trade and industry, and is ideal for the thorough mechanic.

Simple design, easy to operate

The control panel is readily accessible and easy to operate. This applies even with your welding gloves on. The usability reduces the risk of operating errors considerably, ensuring you a better welding experience. The control panel is available in two versions - with or without spot-interval function. A perfect function for auto repair.

Reliable hard worker

The welding machine is robust and guaranteed to live a long, productive life also in a heavy-duty environment.

Product benefits


Simple setting of the welding current by turning the control knob to the wanted setting.

Built to last

The machine is ready to meet the challenges in the car repair shop.


Use spot-interval for stitch-welding new materials.