Synergic welding machine designed for auto repair.

Reliable MIG/MAG welding machines designed for repair work in the automotive industry. Tested and trusted by professionals. With all features and functions needed for auto repair welding.

  • Pulse MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing
  • User-friendly – speeds up your work process
  • Advanced welding functions such as double pulse
  • Delivers clean and strong welds


Bravely taking on the great responsibility for auto repair

Automig is a synergic inverter welding machine designed for auto repair. It fully lives up to carmakers’ standards for welding and brazing processes in high-tensile steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Mechanics and sheet metal workers in all sorts of body shops will be able to deliver great welds with an Automig.

Always driving safely

Clean and strong welds are vital for maintaining the integrity of any vehicle after repairs.

Our main priority is to make sure that repaired cars can be sent safely back into traffic.
They must live up to carmakers’ standards as well and car owners’ expectations of security – also after a repair. Automig bravely takes on that responsibility.

How to make strong welds

Automig features all functions and welding programs needed for correct processing of e.g. high-tensile steel and aluminium. Correct processing ensures that car repairs will not unnecessarily worsen the corrosion resistance of the material.

The processes MIG-brazing, pulse and double pulse all join materials at lower temperatures compared to traditional MIG/MAG-welding. That gentle processing keeps the materials strong.

Make good use of our knowledge

Our cooperation with steelmakers, gas suppliers and carmakers provides valuable knowledge about materials, gas compositions, joining processes and business trends. We use that knowledge to develop welding equipment that lives up to carmakers’ standards.

Automig is the result. It gives repair shops a good chance of staying competitive in a constantly changing and extremely innovative industry.


Choose your next Automig

Automig 230

Ready when you are

Choose to use the 230 amps for simple auto repair welding tasks in smaller or independent workshops.

The machine is simple to adjust and ready to weld whenever the mechanics need it.

Wire feeding
Pulse process
Not available
Current range
15-230 A

Automig 270

A genuine classic

A classic welding machine deeply rooted in the auto repair industry. Choose to use the 270 amps to get uniform welding results for recurring repair tasks or if you need the optional pulse function.

Use pulse for welding or brazing in extremely thin materials and aluminium. The machine is simple to adjust and fits the needs for professional auto repair welding in authorised or independent workshops.

Wire feeding
Pulse process
Current range
15-270 A

Automig 300 Pulse

Advanced, not complicated

This is our most technologically advanced welding machine for repairing cars and building up car bodies. Despite the advancement, it is easy to use and is 100% adjusted to repair shops’ requirements. Mechanics and sheet metal workers will be able to deliver astonishing welds according to carmakers’ instructions.

Choose up to 300 amps if you need to meet the highest standards for joining processes in the car repair industry. Choose a DUO or TRIO version for easy switch-over between welding and brazing operations without having to change hose, wire, wire drive rolls and gas.

Wire feeding
Pulse process
Current range
15-300 A

Design upgrade

Automig 230/270

This design upgrade is about quality, functionality and appeal. The dimples are gone so the MIGATRONIC logo can shine. The pure, dynamic expression of the rounded cabinet is a perfect fit for the mood of our time. 


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Automig 300 Pulse Duo/Trio

Top-class MIG/MAG welding machine
An uncompromising welding experience

The Automig 300 Pulse is ideal for passionate auto welders. The machine features synergic welding programs and functions like double pulse and spot-interval.

Double pulse which reduces spatter to a minimum is ideal for welding and MIG brazing. Excellent start performance is of particular importance in repair shops, where sheet-metal workers have many starts and stops during welding.

Changing wire and liner is time-consuming. That is why Automig 300 Pulse is available with up to three wire spools and torches. This makes it easy for you to switch between different materials and welding processes. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active. Simply press the trigger.

Graphic control panel

Intuitive and easy to use
Tailored to the needs of mechanics

Users with limited experience with digital welding machine displays will quickly grasp this simple design. It is easy to switch between welding and brazing, and to find the correct welding programs for specific materials.

Once the operator has chosen DC or pulse/double pulse and set type of material, wire diameter and gas, the welding machine will automatically select the most suitable welding or MIG-brazing program.


The interface

Well-known symbols and visual presentations of settings show how your adjustments will affect the weld. The icon-based menu makes it easy to operate for users at all experience levels.

Upgrade via SD-card

When you want to update your welding machine, it is carried out as a software update via SD-card. You can update your machine throughout its entire service life.

Lock specific settings

Use a lock card to lock the control panel in two levels. Lock specific settings to make sure that no one makes unecessary or wrong adjustments. It ensures that you use the same settings for recurring welds. The lock card is an optional feature.


All you need for auto repair
Be amazing with welding and brazing

Modern cars consist of different types of steel, which must be processed in the most appropriate way to avoid loss of strength when heated in the joining process.

That is why it is important for repair shops to have access to the joining processes developed specifically for car body repair required by carmakers.


Welding feature

Brazing of galvanised steel is the gentlest process in terms of heat input to the workpiece as only the filler material melts, not the base metal. The result is great maintenance of the material in terms of corrosion and strength, and it reduces the need for post-treatment of distortion of plates and profiles.

Double pulse (DUO Plus)

Welding feature

Double pulse is an advanced pulse function which feeds the filler wire with a pulsatory current. The result is better control of the arc and a minimum of weld spatter. It ensures preservation of strength and surface of plates and profile tubes. It allows sheet metal workers to control the arc more precisely than in ordinary welding and brazing.

Step welding

Welding feature

Step welding is a semi-automatic tacking function. Decide arc-on time and pause time for a weld seam. The wire feeding system will then feed wire with high precision in your defined sequences. Use it for welds with a gap between two plates, i.e. square groove butt joints in thin plates. Image represents front and back.

Spot welding

Welding feature

Spot welding is used to decide arc-on time in seconds for a specific weld. It ensures that each tack point or weld will have the same size throughout the entire weld. Use it for overlap joints or fillet welds in sheet metal plates.

Introduction to

Welding feature

Introduction to
Double Pulse (DUO PLUS)

Welding feature

Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®)

With IGC, the welding machine always uses the right amount of gas for every weld. It prevents over-consumption and gives you long-term savings. The higher the amperage and the bigger the weld pool, the more gas you need.

A traditional valve does not know this, but IGC® does. Gas synergy lines are preadjusted for gas and type of wire. It makes sure that your weld pool is always perfectly protected.

When you always have the optimum gas protection, there will be no holes, pores or impure welds. Reduce the risk of failures created by insufficient gas flow or gas turbulence. Improve the weld quality and reduce your gas bill at the same time. IGC® is an optional feature.


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Miga Memory

Save up to five of your most frequently used settingss and quickly recall them whenever you need to. It saves time and will ensure the highest possible standards for specific welds. It is specifically useful for recurring welding tasks. Only for Automig 300 pulse


Every welder's closest ally

MIG-A-Twist Torch

Stay in ergonomically correct working postures when welding in varying positions. Welders twist the turnable swan neck, not their hand, and can easily lead the torch into the perfect angle. It is easily done without using tools.


Get peace of mind
Get serviced by our large service network

Our network of Authorized Service Partners across Europe is ready to support your welding production. Their educated service technicians are certified to perform professional service and maintenance.

They know your welding machine and have original spare parts, calibration measuring- and testing equipment.

Visit to find your nearby service partner.

Extend the warranty on your Automig up to 5 years

In addition to the warranty period of 2 years for new welding machines, you can extend the warranty up to 5 years. Register your newly purchased Automig on no later than 30 days from the date of purchase.