Robot integration

Make your welding production complete. Choose a robot integration setup which matches today’s technological requirements. Partner up and get a share of our extensive knowhow and experience with robot welding.

Robot Wire Feeder

RWF 32-33 MIG/MAG compact robot wire feeder with four roll wire feed system. Touch Sensing ready. Tacho-controlled 0.5-30m/min. motor on PPO console with bearing wire drive rolls. Including outlet for collision protection.

Available with:

  • Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®)
  • Air blow kit
  • Water kit
  • Optional connector: ZA or Panasonic
High-tech, intense, extraordinary

Strong power sources with excellent welding performance designed for robot welding. Flexible setup, ready for integration with all kinds of robots. Interdependent peripheral equipment makes the technical integration uncomplicated.

Choose a MIG, TIG or plasma package solution

Tailor your package solution with a range of mandatory and optional equipment. Choose your power source, CAN plug, remote control, wire feeder, program package and technical features for optimisation of welding process.

Get complete technical documentation and Migatronic support.

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Intelligent Robot Control Interface

The analogue/ digital interface ensures sublime communication between welding equipment and robot controller through various BUS systems.

Robot Control Interface can communicate with all kinds of robots. New or old. Digital or analogue.

Plasma welding machine for automation

Plasma automation is not for sissies. Pi 350 Plasma inverter is a high-performance welding machine for automated plasma welding. Ensure uniform, high quality welds in mild and stainless steel, with or without pulse function.

Pi Plasma can be used with a manual plasma torch as a supplement to the automated process.

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TIG welding machines for automation

Automate your TIG welding tasks and make your TIG welds even sharper.

Choose Pi 350 or 500 welding machines: water-cooled TIG DC and AC/DC machines for mild and stainless steel and aluminium – with or without pulse function.

Choose intelligent welding technology: D.O.C.®
or TIG-A-Tack for ultimate tack welding process.

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MIG welding machines for automation

Sigma Select ROBO machines are brilliant for robot integration. Weld all materials, with or without pulse. Choose between various welding functions that will optimise your welding production and make your products stand out.

Choose intelligent welding technology; Intelligent Arc Control, PowerArc or DUO Plus.


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Are you a system integrator?

Are you a fan of bringing together component subsystems? Then you will enjoy working with Migatronic welding machines and peripheral equipment.

The flexible setup ensures an uncomplicated technical integration. It gives you multiple possibilities for designing perfect solutions which will satisfy your customers


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