Sigma Select ROBO

Built to meet the future 

Through years of experience and innovation, Sigma Select ROBO is designed for welding in a league of its own. It makes the most complex welding tasks seem easy, and it makes you capable of producing welds of the highest quality in every material – from mild steel to special alloys.

  • Customise Sigma Select ROBO to fit your needs
  • Upgrade the machine throughout its entire service life
  • Select welding functions such as DUO Plus, IAC and MigaLog
  • Advanced equipment, simple to integrate with various robots
  • Sigma Select ROBO is ideal for both simple and advanced robot solutions
Sigma Select ROBO 300, 400 and 550

A three-phase power sources for MIG/MAG welding of all materials. The power sources can be upgraded throughout their service lives by adding programs and functions according to requirements. Sigma Select ROBO is designed for intelligent welding beyond the ordinary.

Robot control interface

The RCI4 interface for all robot brands can be built into the power source or delivered as an external unit:

  • RCI4 I/O, external interface
  • AnyBus, external interface
  • AnyBus, internal interface


Configurable solutions for AnyBus systems:

  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT
Robot wire feeder

RWF 30 MIG/MAG robot wire feeder with four roll wire feed system and electronic tacho control of wire feed speed. RWF 30 can be ordered with a various range of mounting plates depending on the robot. Available with:

  • Built-in functions, e.g. IGC supporting Migatronic MIG welding proceses
  • Built-in Air Blow system for cleaning of gas nozzle using compressed air
  • Touch sensing
Upgrade according to your needs

You don’t have to select all functions to begin with. You can instantly adapt Sigma Select to meet your current needs. If your customers make new demands on your welding production, simply upgrade your welding set-up by SD card. Add new programs and functions for less than the cost of a new welding machine.