WPS for flux cored wire (FCAW)

Important information before you download standard Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS):

  • All gasses used in the standard WPS’s are: M21 according to EN14175:2008 (15-25% CO2 in Ar).
  • All standard WPS’s use the same welding process: MAG138 and MAG136 according to EN ISO 4063:2011, by themselves and as a combination of both processes.
  • All welding positions are according to EN ISO 6947:2011
  • All standard WPS’s were made using fillet welds (FW), pipe-to-plate (FW) and pipe-to-pipe(BW). Pipe to pipe (BW) also covers fillet welds, check for scope in the WPS.

The standard WPS’s apply to Migatronic welding machines.