Smart, intuitive, daring

The smallest and smartest automated welding solution on the market.
Ideal for welding simple workpieces, no matter the quantity and frequency.
The new assistant in professional welding workshops.

Optimise welding of all batch sizes

Are you spending big bucks on small hand welded batches? Optimise welding efficiency and be sure of uniformity in series production and always high welding quality. It is so easy to program that it also pays off to weld small batches. This is a win-win for the boss and the welder.

Easy programming

Programming is easy and intuitive, even for inexperienced operators. Build up a catalogue of workpieces each with an attached program and switch between them countless times during a workday. Depending on the complexity, it takes only about half an hour to program a new workpiece.

Jyden Bur A/S

We can program new workpieces in no time. It really only takes 30 minutes for us to program a new workpiece and a few seconds to recall already stored programs. I don’t think it can get any easier.

- Sebastian Jacobsen, Project Manager,
Jyden A/S, Denmark

Production cost savings

Simple set-up combined with easy programing translates into significant production cost savings. Investing in experienced robot programmers is not necessary. CoWelderTM has a short payback time.

MVI Maskinfabrik

Our time saved per workpiece is about 50 %. We produce from 10 to 1000 workpieces at a time. Our efficiency gains are 30-40 % owing to the easy switching between programs and welded workpiece. And this is just the beginning…

- Jens Christian Lægsgaard, General Manager,
MVI Maskinfabrik, Denmark


The CoWelderTM package includes:

  • Universal Robots robot arm (UR5/UR10)
  • Self-balancing table mount, easy to move around
  • Migatronic power source (Omega CoWelderTM 300 A)
  • Start/stop safety box
  • Full cable set
  • Robot welding torch including torch holder


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