Detail-oriented, robust and reliable

A high-performance inverter welding machine for the most demanding TIG welding assignments. It is robust, reliable and delivers a stable arc for a perfect finish.

  • Features pulse welding - improve your productivity
  • Reliable performance - always
  • Tested and truseted by professional TIG welders
  • Choose between 4 different power source sizes
  • Choose DC or AC/DC welding
When success lies in the details

Pi is a powerful and durable welding machine known for its reliable performance. It is indispensable in the welding booth or assembly workshop with dedicated TIG-welders. Use it for root passes or tube and pipe welding in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

TIG welding requires a high level of precision and skill to produce clean high-quality welds. The technical challenge and versatility of TIG welding make it a popular and enjoyable process for many welders. Pi can help you achieve your TIG welding goals.

A faithful partner

Pi is a faithful partner in the workshop. The robust design, precise ignition and stable current flow makes it a first choice for many TIG welders and supervisors.

It excels in welding stainless steel and aluminium pipes and containers for industries like Food, Pharma, Petrochemical and Maritime industries. Pi can  certainly live up to the high quality standards set by these industries.

The stunning TIG-weld

TIG welding is about precision, accuracy and perfectly executed welds. With Pi in the workshop, dedicated TIG welders can care for the details while striving to carry out stunning welds. It encourages  good craftsmanship and empowers the user to deliver high-quality welded products.

Faster welding with pulse

Improve productivity even further with pulse process. Use pulse to weld in thin plate thicknesses and  sheet metal. It gives a better control of the weld pool, no spatter, and the low heat input minimises the risk of damaging the steel.


Pi 350 AC/DC

Pi 350 is designed to carry out the most demanding TIG-welding assignments. It is indispensable for the most passionate and talented TIG-welders. Use it for root passes or tube and pipe welding in the processing industry.

Choose the Pi for you

Maintenance or production


Pi 200

This Pi
is a great guy.

Choose 1-phased Pi with 200 amps if you need a great and loyal partner for welding small plate thicknesses. Choose air cooling for light use, repair, maintenance and assembly. Choose water cooling for heavy use in busy workshops. Choose AC/DC if you ever need to weld in aluminium.

From 22 kg

Air or water

Control panel
Current range
5-200 A


Pi 250

This Pi
is your ally.

Choose 3-phased Pi with 250 amps if you need a reliable and committed ally for various TIG welding operations. It is a versatile and talented machine that will not let you down. Choose air cooling for light use for repair, maintenance and assembly. Go for water cooling for heavy use in busy workshops. Choose AC/DC if you ever need to weld in aluminium.

From 23 kg

Air or water

Control panel
Current range
5-250 A


Pi 350

This Pi
won’t be shy.

Choose Pi with 350 amps for the demanding tasks that require a powerful and durable machine. It can handle tough conditions - it won’t be shy. Choose air cooling for light use and water cooling for heavy use in busy workshops. Choose AC/DC if you ever need to weld in aluminium.

From 31 kg

Air or water

Control panel
Current range
5-350 A


Pi 500

This Pi
reaches for the sky.

Choose Pi with 500 amps if you want to achieve something big. This Pi certainly has high  ambitions due to the high amps level. This water cooled machine is the perfect choice for heavy use in busy workshops with a high production level. Use it for thick plates in mild and stainless steel. Choose AC/DC if you ever need to weld in aluminium.

From 68 kg


Control panel
Current range
5-500 A

3 control panels

Choose your favourite

DC Basic
Pi 350/500

Control panel for simple TIG DC (direct current) welding with high-frequency ignition.

The panel is for Pi 350 and 500 where heavy use and welding thick plates without pulse is most common. For mild and stainless steel.

Pi 200-500

Control panel for TIG DC with high-frequency ignition and pulse. The panel is for Pi 200-500 where pulse welding is preferred for sheet metal, and where finish is important.

All pulse functions are controlled using the middle column of buttons. Each function has its own button so it is easy to switch on/off or adjust parameters.

Pi 200-500

Control panel for TIG AC (alternating current) and DC with high-frequency ignition and pulse. The panel is for Pi 200-500 where pulse is preferred, and if you ever need to weld in aluminium.

All AC functions are controlled using the top column of buttons. On all panels, the top left shows the welding cycle with associated elements that are open for adjustments, e.g. pre gas flow, start amp, slope up/down and post gas flow.

Welding functions

Improve your welds


All Pi AC machines are equipped with D.O.C.® function (Dynamic Oxide Control), which increases welding speed by 30 % and reduces your consumption of both energy and tungsten electrodes. D.O.C.® ensures a controlled, narrow cleaning zone when welding aluminium.

Save welding settings

Pi features a list of predefined programs with default welding settings for AC and DC welding. You can adjust these programs to make them fit your needs better and recall them for recurring welding jobs. Save time and make it less of an effort to find your settings.

Synergy Plus - pulse welding

Synergy Plus is a synergic pulse function for DC welding. The sound of frequency-controlled pulse can be stressful. With Synergy Plus, all disharmonic tones (frequencies) are filtered out and the machine will make clean metallic tones. It improves the work environment by reducing noise in the production.

Tungsten preheating

This AC welding function provides automatic preheating of tungsten electrodes to get the optimal ignition. It creates a reliable ignition and stable arc. Wearing of the tungsten electrode is reduced remarkably, especially for large tungsten diameters.

TIG-A-Tack - fixation

TIG-A-Tack is a semi-automatic process that makes extremely small and precise fixations in austenitic stainless steel. For most operations, it is possible to do without root protection gas. The ultra-small fixation points are invisible in the finished weld.

The low heat input and a minimum of weld penetration lowers the risk of weakened corrosion resistance and deformation of the welded material compared to ordinary tacks. Use TIG-A-Tack for quick tack welding of tubes, pipes or plates in sheet metal.


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How to set-up TIG-A-TACK

Setting the parameters for TIG-A-Tack is easy: activate tack funktion, adjust time in 0.0x seconds and set your amps. Use TIG-A-Tack for quick tack welding of tubes, pipes or plates of austenitic stainless steel.


Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®)

With IGC, the welding machine always uses the right amount of gas for every weld. When you always have the optimum gas protection, there will be no holes, pores or impure welds.

Reduce the risk of failures created by insufficient gas flow or gas turbulence. Improve the weld quality and reduce your gas bill at the same time. IGC® is an optional feature.



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Creating hygienic joints

for demanding industries
The pursuit of accuracy

Welders' pursuit of accuracy in their welds in the Pharma, Food, Beverage, and Petrochemical industries is no joke. Hygienic joints with reduced risk of bacterial growth is the ultimate goal. Quality control is performed frequently and with an eye to every detail. The strict legal requirements in these industries put pressure on welders' craftsmanship and their equipment.


The essential tool for high-quality welds 

The TIG welding process is known for precision and cleanliness. This is important when manufacturing equipment for processing food, beverages, or medical supplies, as it helps maintain the integrity of the steel used. For every weld, there is a risk of weakening the corrosion resistance, so welders are concerned with clean surfaces to avoid contamination. Pi welding machines are designed to minimize these risks, which is crucial where even minimal contamination can have serious consequences.

Meet the strict quality requirements

Pi can work in tight spaces and at various angles, making them a versatile choice. They fully live up to industry standards by providing welders with essential functions to produce a final product
that satisfies strict quality requirements. The Pi machines also offer a high level of user-friendliness. They are easy to set up and use, which allows welders to focus on their work, without having to worry about complicated settings or technical difficulties.


Safe and efficient production process

By investing in Pi equipment, you can ensure a safe and efficient production process. With their ability to offer precision, cleanliness, and versatility, Pi welding machines are an essential tool for any welder working in the Food, Pharma, and Petrochemical industries.

Intelligent welding enhances reliability

Case - Global Boiler Repair
Reliability is an essentail factor

Reliability and velocity are critical factors for the Danish service company of marine boilers, Global Boiler Repair A/S. To maintain its market leading position, the company relies exclusively on welding machines from Migatronic, including 35 Pi 350.

Since 2011, Global Boiler Repair has provided swift and efficient boiler service for the international marine industry. Their experienced welders provide ambulance services for boilers on ships all over the world. 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.


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About Global Boiler 





day and night



days a year


Working environment

"Our teams must be able to work under tough conditions and in temperatures ranging from minus 25 degrees Celsius to 60-70 degrees Celsius. No matter the circumstance, Pi 350 can take it. Welding at 350 amps is a demanding task. We have tested Pi 350 to the limit through our work, and we are very satisfied with the result."

Casper H. Thygesen, Global Boiler Repair

Cold Wire Feeder

Continuous wire feeding
Optimise manual TIG welding with a separate wire feeder

The separate wire feed unit can optimise manual TIG welding by enabling continuous and automated feeding of filler wire into the weld pool.

The unit eliminating the need for manual feeding and interruption of the welding process. It ensures consistent and accurate wire feeding, which results in improved weld quality, reduced defects, and better control over the weld pool.

CWF Multi features infinitely variable adjustment of wire feed speed from 0.2 to 5.0 m/min.


Meet the ergonomic welding torch
Experience 360 degrees of freedom

TIG welding entails many repetitive movements and prolonged use of tools. By optimising hand ergonomics, welders work in a safer and more comfortable work environment with reduces risk of work-related injuries. TIG Ergo and TIG Adjust welding torches are designed with focus on ergonomics and movability. The range includes various models – from small air cooled to heavy duty water cooled models.

With the TIG Adjust range of flexible torches, the user can turn the torch body in any direction. It is extremely durable and can handle repeated adjustments that diverse TIG welding tasks require. They can be used in a variety of welding positions, including flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead, giving welders the flexibility to work in different orientations.

Find the perfect adjustments

Add a control units to the TIG torch and be able to adjust welding parameters at the handle. Welders can fine-tune settings precisely without being right next to the welding machine. Control units are useful for TIG welders who care for every detail.

They can quickly familiarise themselves with the key pad and control knob, and in that way find the right adjustments. The units can help welders stay concentrated and eliminate distractions. Find the unit that best supports your specific welding tasks and replace them on the torch handle without using any tools.

Welding cable

How far do you want to go?
PI 200, 250, 350, 500

Configuration possibilities
Welding torch: 4 - 15 meters


Get peace of mind
Get serviced by our large service network

Our network of Authorized Service Partners across Europe is ready to support your welding production.
Authorized Service Partners have educated service technicians who are certified to perform professional
service and maintenance. They know your welding machine and their service vehicles are packed with
original spare parts, calibration measuring- and testing equipment.

Find your nearby service partner

Extend the warranty on your Pi

You can be sure of high-quality products when you buy Migatronic. In addition to the warranty period of 2 years for new welding machines, you can extend the warranty up to 5 years.

To maintain the extended warranty, a yearly service check is required. Register your newly purchased Pi on migatronic.com/warranty no later than 30 days from the date of purchase. Then you get up to 5 years warranty on selected components.


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