Detail-oriented, innovative and simple

Pi are user-friendly welding machines, which meet every need for TIG and MMA welding. High-performance inverter machines for precision welding in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other high-alloy materials.

  • Designed to make you perform your best when welding heavy duty
  • Simplifies even the most advanced TIG welding jobs
  • Favourite equipment for the professional TIG-welder

The Pi range covers the entire spectrum from portable on-location versions to dedicated special and heavy duty machines with up to 500 A for automatic/robot welding. Processes include TIG HP (highfrequency with pulse), TIG H (without pulse), TIG AC/DC, and MMA welding with covered electrodes.

Advanced functions at hand

The Pi machines combine proven inverter technology with new control and communication options. These features optimise welding performance and make the most advanced functions child’s play to use.

Synergy Plus

Synergy Plus is a special pulse function for TIG DC welding which dynamically sets all primary pulse parameters.

Welding with up to 200 A using just a 16 A fuse

Both mono-phase Pi 200 TIG machines feature PFC – Power Factor Correction: an electronic circuit which makes it possible to weld using up to 200 A using just a 16 A fuse.

Advanced TIG welding - simply easy

The intuitive, icon-based control panels are easy to understand.

The ultimate tack-welding

Make extremely small and precise TIG-A-Tack fixations without gas in austenitic stainless steel.

TIG-A-Tack lowers the risk of weakened corrosion resistance and deformation. The fixations are invisible in the final weld seam. This is a clear win-win!


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It's keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Pi TIG.

IGC® Intelligent Gas Control technology prevents over-consumption of gas and gives you savings of up to 50%.

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Save your welding settings

Make it easy to comply with the standards in your welding production. Make it easy to carry out repetitive welding jobs. Save your favourite TIG welding settings and recall them using just one button.

Uniform quality in all welds

Non-stop TIG welding with automatic wire feeding: uniform quality and high welding speed. Optimise your manual TIG welding production with a cold wire feeder (CWF). CWF features memory for individual settings and synchronised pulse on the wire that follows the machine settings. Available with Pi 350 and 500.

D.O.C® - Quicker AC welding

All Pi AC machines are equipped with D.O.C.® function (Dynamic Oxide Control), which increases welding speed by 30 % and reduces your consumption of both energy and tungsten electrodes. D.O.C.® ensures a controlled, narrow cleaning zone when welding aluminium.

Ensure maximum utilisation of power

PI 200 features PFC (Power Factor Correction), which allows you to weld with a long mains cable or with a generator as power source. PFC ensures maximum utilisation of power and enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current using only 16 A mains fuses.

It's keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Pi TIG.
Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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