Pi Plasma

The Pi 350 Plasma is a high-performance water-cooled welding inverter dedicated to plasma welding in automated welding processes in the current range 5-350 A.

  • Mild steel up to 8 mm, stainless steel up to 10 mm
  • Low heat input - minimal deformation of material
  • Safe ignition with Pilot arc 
  • Protected tungsten electrodes - Longer life, fewer
    interruptions of operations

Pi 350 Plasma in automated setup is the optimal solution to rationalisation of welding processes in modern production.


The Pi 350 Plasma welds sheet metals in up to 8 mm mild steel and 10 mm stainless steel. The machine welds with three optional pulse functions: traditional pulse, quick pulse, Synergy PLUS™ – or without pulse - using all plasma processes: plasma-melt, plasma-press and plasmakeyhole welding. In TIG welding, the output is up to 500 A.


  • Electronic control of gas flow
  • and water flow in the torch
  • Built-in gas-saver kit
  • CAN-BUS communication
  • 100% duty cycle in plasma welding
  • Remote control kit
  • Diffusion-safe gas hose
  • Pilot arc – safe ignition
Increased welding speed – less post-treatment

Pi 350 Plasma in automated setup is the optimal solution to rationalisation of welding processes in modern production.

  • Reduced tact time per work piece
  • Longer life and reduced tungsten consumption
  • Simple groove geometry and less preprocessing
  • Lower welding current – less deformation and post-treatment – better finish
  • Lower current consumption and CO2-emission
  • Shielding during welding: better personal safety
  • A minimum of welding fumes better working environment
Simple operation of advanced welding processes

The control panel is logical and easy to use with direct choice of processes. Up to 64 programs can be stored in Plasma and TIG. The machine has a port for remote control and Arc Detect, and a special solution it can be equipped with an extra control panel with identical functions and facilities for the welder at the automatic device.

Complete setup

CWF Multi is a separate wire feed unit designed specifically for setups with automatic devices. As a curiosity, CWF Multi can also be used for manual TIG/plasma welding using handheld torches.

CWF Multi and Pi 350 Plasma can be operated separately or synchronously with interaction between welding current and wire-feeding. Yet another example of Migatronic’s idea of user-friendliness, just switch on, press and weld.

Facts about plasma process

The plasma welding process can be described as a further development of the TIG welding process. Plasma is a condition in which the gas becomes electrically conductive (ionised) at extreme temperatures.

The plasma arc is thereby an active part of the fusion process with an energy density that is up to ten times larger than the TIG arc. These extreme energies, up to 30,000°C, result in the concentrated heat zone and quick heating of the parent material – and faster establishment of the weld pool than in TIG welding. In plasma welding, virtually no welding fumes are generated.