Focus TIG

Excellent single-phase TIG and MMA inverter welding machine

Focus TIG is a reliable single-phase welding machine designed for complex welding operations in the field. You can use it for welding in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. There are three different Focus TIG power sources to choose between.

  • Features pulse function
  • High-frequency or lift-TIG ignition – allows you to weld near sensitive electronic devices
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • AC/DC control panel – allows you to weld aluminium

Focus TIG is an excellent welding machine for the fitter. It is ideal for workshop use and on-site welding operations due to its size and the features PFC (Power Factor Correction) and lift-TIG ignition.

Flexible machine, intuitive control panel

The intuitive control panel consists of icon-based buttons and a digital display showing amperage, voltage or secondary parameters. It allows you to easily select and adjust the desired parameters.

Pulse function

The pulse function provides better control of the weld pool. This applies in particular when used for position welding or sheet metal welding.

Applicable under all operating conditions

Use high frequency or lift-TIG ignition. Lift-TIG allows you to weld near particularly sensitive electronic devices, such as hospital equipment, without causing high-frequency disruption.

Maximum utilisation of power

The Focus TIG machines feature PFC (Power Factor Correction), which ensures a mains voltage tolerance from -40 to +10 %. This allows you to weld with a long mains cable.

PFC is an electronic circuit that ensures maximum utilisation of the supply currentand enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current using only 16 A mains fuses.


Portable and powerful welding machine

The size of the welding machine makes it perfect to bring along for on-site operations. Focus TIG is an advanced and high-performance machine, an obvious choice for the fitter.

Intuitive control panel

The control panel is highly intuitive, making it easy to operate for all welders.

AC/DC or DC/HP panel

AC allows you to weld aluminium

Highlighted features

Hotstart (MMA)

A function that helps create the right temperature in the weld pool when you start welding. It provides extra amps for the first seconds when igniting the arc (from 0 to 10 seconds).

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

Ensures a mains voltage tolerance from -40 to +10 %. This allows you to weld with a long mains cable.

Polarity reversal

Making it possible to switch between positive and negative polarity in DC welding.


Choose HF or lift-TIG ignition - for welding under all operating conditions.