Your new welding assistant is a robot

This automated welding solution is an affordable and ideal first step into welding automation. It is perfect for welding simple workpieces, no matter the quantity and frequency. CoWelder ensures maximum flexibility, easy programming and consistently high welding quality.

  • Simple installation – start welding on the first day
  • Increased production capacity
  • Optimum welding quality
  • A short payback period

CoWelder is ideal for any professional welding workshop. It is a collaborative robot (a so-called cobot). This means that it is built to work together with humans in a shared workspace without the need for safety barriers. The cobot has several built-in safety control functions and is CE approved.


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Three simple steps to create your CoWelder package

Step 1 - Choose your working radius
Configure your CoWelder with a UR5 robot with 850 mm working radius or a UR10 robot with 1300 mm working radius.

Step 2 - Choose your welding machine
Fit your CoWelder with the customisable Sigma Select, Pi 350 AC/DC or Omega 300 Advanced.

Step 3 - Configure your welding machine
With a Sigma Select you can choose from several predefined configurations that matches your needs. Pi 350 and Omega 300 have one predefined configuration.

The pre-configured CoWelder product packages are designed to match every requirement for optimum welding performance; from simple welding to highly sophisticated pulse MIG/MAG or TIG welding (with or without cold wire feeding). Choose from 18 different configurations – select the one that matches your production needs.

Optimise welding of all batch sizes and release capacity

Would you like to save resources on small hand-welded batches? Optimise welding efficiency and be sure of uniformity in series production and guaranteed high welding quality. The operator only needs to place the component in the fixture, select the correct program and push the start-button. Once the CoWelder is welding, the operator can prepare the next component.

Let the CoWelder do the routine tasks, and the welder’s qualifications can be better spent elsewhere. The CoWelder is so easy to program that it even pays off to weld small batches. This is a win-win for the boss  and the welder.

Easy installation and programming

It takes little time to implement the CoWelder in your existing production. Start welding on the first day; mount the CoWelder on your welding table, turn on your welding assistant and start programming.

Programming is simple and intuitive, even for inexperienced operators. Build up a catalogue of workpieces each with an attached program and switch between them countless times during a workday.

Unique templates

Teach the CoWelder and it will remember your movements and repeat them. Press the free drive button and physically move the robot arm to demonstrate the welding path from start to stop. Use the teach pendant with a 12” touch screen and the unique, user-friendly templates for further programming and adjustment. Depending on the complexity, it takes only about half an hour to program a new workpiece.

Safety above all

The CoWelder is designed with focus on safety. No physical safety fence is required, as the CoWelder has a built-in virtual safety fence that limits the three-dimensional working range.

Several safety control functions

A resistance sensor automatically stops the cobot at a resistance of 8 kg m/s. As an extra safety precaution, the CoWelder has an emergency button placed next to the power button. This enables the operator to stop the process at any time.

CE approved package

The CoWelder package includes a CE marking, so no complicated workplace safety approval process is required.

What a CoWelder package consists of

In the supply of a CoWelder package, the following is included:

  • UR robot
  • Power source (the welding machine)
  • Free drive button on the 6th joint of the robot arm for easy programming of the robot
  • Robot controller incl. teach pen­dant with E-stop and 5 m cable
  • Start/stop unit with 5 m cable
    Robot welding torch, 4 m length
  • Standard robot torch holder
  • Mobile table mount, auto-balancing system
  • Migatronic programming templates
  • IGC® Intelligent Gas Control
  • Calibration certificate
  • CE-marking
  • Instruction manual


Easy to program

Programming CoWelder is so simple that you don’t need to invest in a professional robot programmer. Welders with no former experience can easily learn how to operate the cobot.

A capable assistant

CoWelder ensures optimisation of welding efficiency, uniformity and high welding quality at all times.

Flexibility is key

The six-axis robot arm moves quickly between various welding positions. The speed allows it to weld workpieces faster than you can do manually.

Mobile at any time

The CoWelder solution is easy to move around for different welding operations in the production hall, using a forklift. You can place it in an existing manual welding booth or make a dedicated CoWelder working place.

Highlighted features

Power source

Fit CoWelder with a Migatronic power source for MIG/MAG or TIG welding – choose between Sigma Select, Pi TIG 350 or Omega 300 Advanced.

Choose your robot arm

UR5 with 850 mm working radius or UR10 with 1300 mm working radius.

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It's keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Sigma Select for CoWelder.
Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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