The history of Migatronic

Making welding easy for 50 years

What a diet!

The very first Migatronic electrode welding machine from 1970 weighed 95 kilograms. Today, the smallest portable electrode welding machine in the assortment weighs only 4.9 kilograms. A 90.1 kilogram difference in weight!

Since September 1970, from day one, we have focused our attention on how to employ advanced technology to make welding processes easier for welders. Every single day. In every workshop or garage and on every factory floor.

From mechanics to software

Welding machines are highly complex but must be easy to operate. On the other hand, technology must provide the best possible conditions for making perfect welds.

Inverter technology, electronically controlling welding processes, has replaced traditional transformer technology. Inverter welding machines are lightweight and enable better control of welding. Mechanics has gradually been replaced by automatic software control. This makes welding easier.


It all started with an old car

It started back in 1970 with a CO2 welding machine for repair of old cars. During the first year, we produce a total of four welding machines and sell for 1,300 Euro.

Already in 1973, we get our first major order to Sweden. In the following years, we begin exporting to countries throughout Europe. We comply with market requirements. In addition to welding machines for the auto business, we develop welding solutions for the professional industry which demands advanced technology for all imaginable assignments and environments – large and small manually operated welding machines and automated welding solutions.

And we will go on. We will continue to develop and market intelligent technology that makes welding easy.


Short historic outline

2015 — The annual production amounts to 18,000 welding machines and over the years, we have supplied over 2,000 automated welding solutions.

2012 — Peter Roed steps down from his position as CEO after 42 years and is succeeded by Anders Hjarnø Jørgensen. Peter Roed takes up the position as chairman of the supervisory board.

2007 — After the establishment of a joint-venture production company in China, we have subsidiaries in ten European countries plus China and India. Our welding machines are marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide.

2000 — We celebrate 30 years in the business, having exported over 300,000 welding machines.

1991 — We are the first welding machine manufacturer in the EU to be ISO 9001 certified.

1984 — Migatronic goes public

1980 — First export orders to Egypt, USA and China – the export share is 65 per cent.

1976 — The annual production amounts to 6,000 welding machines and the total number of employees is 60.

1973 — The oil crisis in Denmark increases the auto trade’s interest in welding machines and boosts sales.

1970 — Migatronic is founded and the first CO2 MIG welding machine is put into service.