Global Boiler

Reliability and velocity are critical factors for the Danish service company of marine boilers, Global Boiler Repair A/S. To maintain its market leading position, the company relies exclusively on welding machinery from Migatronic, including 35 Pi 350 welding machines, for a high level of durability, reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Global Boiler Welder welding workpiece with Pi350

Since 2011, the Danish company Global Boiler Repair has provided swift and efficient boiler service for the international marine industry. From the company’s headquarter outside Aalborg in northern Denmark and its service stations in Dubai and Singapore, Global Boiler’s experienced welders provide ambulance services for boilers on ships all over the world. 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

According to Casper H. Thygesen, Department Manager at Global Boiler, a high degree of reliability and velocity are essential factors for Global Boiler’s business, which is why the company has relied solely on welding machines from Migatronic, since the establishment eight years ago.

- Our welders are specialists in their field and have deep knowledge of marine boilers, burners, control systems, inert gas systems and incinerators. The highly advanced welding assignments they undertake require state of the art welding solutions with great durability for offshore environments. This is why we have relied on Migatronic’s welding machinery from the beginning, he says.

- Migatronic welding solutions are characterised by a high level of durability and user-friendliness without compromising welding performance. In this way, they optimise our welders’ efficiency, which is very important in our business where time is of the essence.

Time is Money

Because of increasing growth over the recent years, Global Boiler has continuously invested in new welding equipment from Migatronic. Today, the company’s 30 welders have around 100 welding machines at their disposal – all wearing the Migatronic brand.

Global Boiler’s fleet of Migatronic welding machinery includes the Omega Yard, the Sigma Select and some plasma cutters. The company also counts 35 of the innovative Pi 350 TIG inverter machines. Packed with cutting-edge welding technologies, the durable Pi 350is the ideal welding solution for the welders at Global Boiler. Casper H. Thygesen explains:

- When doing repairs, our teams must be able to work under tough conditions and in temperatures ranging from minus 25 degrees Celsius to 60-70 degrees Celsius. But no matter the circumstance, the Pi 350 can take it. Welding at 350 amps is a demanding task that requires a powerful and durable machine. We have tested the Pi 350 to the limit through our work, and we are very satisfied with the result.

According to Casper H. Thygesen, time efficiency is crucial in the marine industry, which is why swift and reliable service is a trademark of Global Boiler:

- A ship that is out of service and forced to stay in port can cost the shipping company more than USD 100,000 a day. Therefore, time is an essential factor for our business, and a broken welding machine can have considerable consequences. Fortunately, with the Pi 350, and our other Migatronic welding machines for that matter, we do not have to worry about the reliability of our machinery and equipment. We are confident that our welders always have the right welding equipment at their disposal, enabling them to work for extensive periods and under tough conditions.

Impeccable Service

Every Migatronic welding solution comes with the impeccable service that the Migatronic brand is well-known for. The same goes for Global Boiler that, because of the company’s global operations, requires a worldwide service agreement:

- Migatronic’s service is exceptional and its service units are always ready to provide swift and efficient service and maintenance. Through its global network of service stations and subcontractors, Migatronic is always nearby – from Singapore and China to Panama and USA. That kind of service level is remarkable and essential for a global company like ours, Casper H. Thygesen says.

Jens Kristensen, area sales manager at Migatronic, has worked with Global Boiler since the company was established in 2011. In his experience, Migatronic is typically the preferred welding brand for service companies like Global Boiler:

- Worldwide service is a requirement for most service companies operating on a global level - especially in the marine sector. Many service companies use Migatronic, as it guarantees them excellent welding performance combined with a global service agreement that reduces downtime of each machine, Jens Kristensen concludes.

Facts About the Pi350 TIG

  • Modular-based three-phase TIG or MMA inverted welding machine for the most demanding tasks
  • Available in four power sources: 200 A, 250 A, 350 A and 500 A
  • TIG-A-Tack for extremely small and precise fixations without root protection gas in austenitic stainless steel
  • Choose the cold wire feeder for automatic and non-stop TIG welding
  • Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®) available for PI TIG 350 and 500 to the benefit of both the company’s bottom line and the environment
  • Future-proof: Can receive new programs and functions via software updates and extra hardware
  • User-friendly control panel with multiple options


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