Vilsen Biler

Having access to approved tools that meet ever-changing requirements is essential for a car repair shop. Danish car repair shop Vilsen Biler wants to stay competitive and has therefore field-tested the Automig 300 Pulse, a new welding machine from Migatronic. A Vilsen Biler sheet-metal worker gives it the thumbs up.

Vilsen Biler carries out repairs on cars and vans of all brands and sizes. Insurance companies have accredited the company to repair damaged cars, and that is why it is important for its auto mechanics and sheet-metal workers to have access to approved tools.

"It is decisive for us to have access to the tools that carmakers approve and specify in their repair instructions, which we use every day. This enables us to stay competitive in a market that constantly innovates in terms of materials and working methods. Here and now, it gives us more assignments for damaged cars from insurance companies", says founder Hans Vilsen.

Brazing at lower temperatures

Consequently, Hans Vilsen accepted the offer of testing Migatronic’s new Automig 300 Pulse welding machine, which is designed to meet carmaker’s standards for joining processes, including welding, MIG brazing, double pulse and automatic step welding in high-tensile steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

"We had the machine for one month, but immediately felt the difference from our own machine. This machine allows us to weld and braze at a lower amperage than we usually do. This reduces the risk of burning through the thin material that the cars consist of", says Benjamin Rømer, sheet-metal worker in Vilsen Biler.

Graphic control panel

Benjamin and the other mechanics are accustomed to using welding machines with analog control panels with buttons. However, becoming accustomed to using the graphic icon-based control panel of the Automig 300 Pulse was not a problem.

"Finding the optimal settings is easy, and the illustrations in the panel give a clear picture of one’s settings. Anyone will be able to use this panel", says Benjamin Rømer.


Automig 300 graphic control panel

He also speaks approvingly of the easy process of changing the wire and the perfect start performance of the machine. Start performance is of particular importance in repair shops, where sheet-metal workers have many starts and stops during welding.


The welding machines remembers

A new feature in the Automig 300 Pulse is MigaMemory, which allows operators to save up to five specific settings. This is a smart feature in car repair shops, where there are often several users of the same welding machine.

"We all weld differently and do not use the machine every day, but the memory function enables us to save our individual preferred settings. That saves time and makes our work easier", Benjamin Rømer explains.