Nicon Industries

While Nicon Industries continues to grow, Migatronic retains its position as the company’s preferred supplier of professional high-quality welding machines, as Nicon Industries purchases an additional ten Sigma 500 Offshore welding machines to keep up with demand.

Welder with Sigma 500 Offshore
New Sigma 500 Offshore

Back in 2013, Anders Hecht-Pedersen, CEO and founder of Nicon Industries, decided to invest more than a million Danish kroner in replacing the company’s increasingly worn-out and outmoded welding machines with 20 brand new Sigma 500 Offshore welding machines from Migatronic. Nicon Industries has experienced rapid growth since then.

"Our business has grown by 30 % from 2015 to 2016 alone, which is the main reason why we are investing around half a million Danish kroner in an additional ten Sigma 500 Offshore machines within just four years. We simply needed more welding machines to supply the increasing demand", Anders Hecht-Pedersen said.

Anders Hecht-Pedersen

Anders Hecht-Pedersen, CEO and founder of Nicon Industries.

Welder configuring the Sigma welding machine
A machine for each welder

"It’s a policy that we are trying to maintain despite our rapid growth. By giving our workers a sense of ownership towards each of their own Sigmas, we see a more responsible and gentle use of the welding machines, which ultimately leads to a reduction in maintenance and service costs", Anders Hecht-Pedersen said.


Advanced machines for skilled workers

The craft of welding constitutes a fundamental part of Nicon Industries’ business, according to Anders Hecht-Pedersen. Hence, selecting the right type of welding machine is a matter of great importance for the company.

"In our industry, we rely entirely on our skilled workers and the quality of the tools and equipment that we provide them with in order for them to deliver great workmanship to the satisfaction of our customers. Needless to say, we need to equip our workers with advanced welding machines of the highest quality, which is why we chose the Sigma once again", Anders Hecht-Pedersen explained.

Sigma Offshore
Nicon Industries production floor
Robust, mobile and energy efficient

Today, Nicon Industries has phased out its old welding machines and are now solely using Migatronic’s Sigma 500 Offshore. A decision that, according to Anders Hecht-Pedersen, has various benefits:

"The Sigma was our natural choice for a number of reasons; one of them being that the Sigma is highly energy efficient, which means that we are reducing our environmental impact while concurrently saving money. Another reason is that the Sigma is a very reliable machine that our workers prefer and know extremely well already, which eliminates the need for training our workers in operating a completely different welding machine. And finally - yet importantly - the Sigma is future-proof in the sense that it can receive software updates throughout its service life, while it is also a very robust yet mobile machine that enables our workers to do their job in rough, offshore working environments."

Sigma Offshore sitting near welder
Welder crouching and welding a workpiece with Sigma in the background