J. E. Juncker

With a recent change in ownership and management, the Danish forge company, J.E. Juncker, is undergoing a significant modernisation of its domestic manufacturing facilities. This involves investing in cutting-edge welding equipment from Migatronic, including the brand-new Sigma Select.

Sigma Select next to welding table at J. E. Juncker
Modernisation of manufacturing facilities

Due to market developments, J.E. Juncker needed to breathe new life into its manufacturing process, which came along with a recent change in the ownership and management of the company. After having acquired J.E. Juncker in 2015, Søren Krag, who also became the new CEO of the company, initiated an extensive modernisation of the manufacturing facilities in Denmark.

"When I acquired J.E. Juncker a few years back, it was a proud and tradition-bound company with a lot of potential that remained relatively untapped – not because of the skill of the employees, but mainly because of the outdated and insufficient manufacturing facilities. Change was therefore needed to ensure our competitiveness in the market", Søren Krag, CEO of J.E. Juncker says.

Søren Krag
Welder and Sigma Select
Migatronic is part of the process

Recently, J.E. Juncker purchased seven new welding machines from Migatronic, namely the Omega and the Sigma models. The latter model also features pulse welding, which ensures a perfect and clean welding finish by minimising weld spatter. This constituted a key product feature for J.E. Juncker.

"Nearly all of our old welding machines have been replaced by new ones from Migatronic. After having consulted the local representative of Migatronic, we quickly became confident that the Omega and Sigma models were the ones that best suited our specific needs in terms of quality and efficiency – and we are very satisfied with the performance of our new welding machines", Søren Krag continues.


Field-testing the Sigma Select

Migatronic always seeks to establish close relationships with its customers in order to effectively identify and accommodate their specific needs.

Collaborating closely with customers is essential for providing valuable welding consultancy and service. In the case of J.E. Juncker, Migatronic has become a trusted partner in finding new welding solutions that substantiate the ambition of the management in terms of optimisation and increased efficiency. And on the basis of this close collaboration, J.E. Juncker is entrusted with field-testing the brand-new welding machine, the Sigma Select.

Welder and Sigma Select welding a workpiece
Portable control panel

"We have field-tested the Sigma Select at our manufacturing facilities and we are very impressed with its versatility, durability and user-friendliness. The portable control panel is also a particularly valuable feature for our type of company, as it provides our welders with a high degree of mobility around the workplace. We hope to make its stay at our facilities permanent", Søren Krag concludes.