Close collaboration with well-established dealers of welding machines and services abroad enables Migatronic and its subsidiaries to provide impeccable service to its international customers.

A complete service experience

With a view to accommodating the needs of its customers abroad, Migatronic collaborates closely with skilled and well-established dealers around the world through its subsidiaries. By doing so, customers purchasing Migatronic welding equipment are always ensured a complete service experience, as service and consultancy from industry professionals are never far away.

Michel Faes showing off welded workpiece

Hans Snoeijs, Project Manager at VLH Lastechniek, Michel Faes, Subsidiary Manager at Migatronic, Sten van den Boomen, Production Leader at Inno-Tec

Sigma Galaxy welding machine
Main role is to offer advice and expertise

Migatronic Nederland relies entirely on indirect sales through proficient local dealers of welding equipment. The subsidiary’s primary function is to manage its close relations with local dealers and assist them in the sales process by providing customers with on-site welding expertise along with handling product demonstrations and installations.

"We currently collaborate closely with around 15 different dealers in the Netherlands who often handle the initial contact with customers, while we market our products and services. Our involvement in the sales process usually starts when customers are interested in our products. From that point on, our main role is to offer advice and expertise related to the specific products as well as welding in general, assisting the dealers in finding the best possible solution for the customers’ particular needs", says Michel Faes, Sales Manager at Migatronic Nederland.

Welder welding workpiece
Welder welding workpiece with Sigma Galaxy
A strong partnership

An example of the benefits of this type of collaborative customer service is the recent case of Migatronic Nederland assisting its dealer VLH Lastechniek in the sale of two Sigma Galaxy welding machines to the Dutch metalwork company Inno-Tec.

"We have a strong partnership with VLH, and we continue to work closely together in satisfying our customers’ needs to the benefit of all parties involved. VLH plays a key role for our business in terms of establishing and subsequently managing good relations with our mutual customers, and we have full confidence in their ability to do so", Michel Faes explains.

"Our many years of retail experience in welding equipment and associated supplies have earned us the status of a renowned total supplier to the Dutch welding industry. Migatronic has a good brand and reputation in the industry, and we are very pleased with our partnership, as it clearly works to our mutual benefit. By collaborating, we are able to provide customers with a more complete service experience, as our individual strengths and core skills complement each other well to the benefit of the customers", says Hans Snoeijs, Project Manager at VLH Lastechniek.

A versatile welding solution

In the specific Inno-Tec case, the Dutch company originally contacted VLH to make an enquiry for two new welding machines. Inno-Tec mainly manufactures small parts from different metal materials in quantities ranging from one to 100, and needed a flexible welding solution.

"Due to the complexity involved with our low volume and varied manufacturing process, we decided to seek out expert advice on the best possible welding solution for our company. VLH was quick to recommend Migatronic’s highly versatile Sigma Galaxy welding machine – and since we have been a satisfied customer of Migatronic for many years, we already knew that the quality and reliability of their welding equipment were up to our standards", says Sten van den Boomen, Production Leader at Inno-Tec.


On-site advice on welding

Together with VLH, Migatronic initially visited Inno-Tec’s manufacturing facilities, where they provided on-site advice on welding and product characteristics in relation to Inno-Tec’s particular needs. Additionally, Migatronic gave a product demonstration, allowing Inno-Tec to become more familiar with the features of the Sigma Galaxy.

"We are very pleased with the service and advice provided by Migatronic and VLH throughout the entire process – from demo and test to subsequent installation of the welding machines, where Migatronic optimised the configuration of the machines to our unique production line. We have no doubt that Sigma Galaxy is the right choice for us", Sten van den Boomen concludes.