B&E Stål

Danish metalworking company B&E Stål A/S is closely following the development in the field of metalworking and is always on the outlook for new solutions. To this end, the company has tested the new Migatronic Sigma Select welding machine. Having tested it for 33 hours of arc time over a three-week period, welding supervisor Jim Karlsen is keen on keeping the test machine.

Can supply precisely what customers demand

B&E Stål has 84 years of experience in the field of steel solutions and employs almost 50 metalworkers for the production of ready-made tailored solutions for customers primarily in the construction industry. Products include steel structures for buildings, craneways, wind turbine walkways, car park equipment etc.

"We develop many of the ready-made solutions jointly with our customers, and we use many different production processes. Only in this way can we supply precisely what our customers demand. There is, in fact, hardly any limit to what we can make from steel", says Jim Karlsen, welding supervisor in B&E Stål.

Jim Karlsen welding
Jim Karlsen
Access to state-of-the-art welding technology

It is important for the company to stay updated on what is going on in the line of business, and that is the reason why Jim agreed to test the new Migatronic Sigma Select welding machine.

"We are pleased with the Migatronic welding machines that we already have in our production. So when we got the opportunity to test the new welding machine, we accepted. Our flexibility and ability to supply top quality depend on our access to the latest technology. This was an obvious possibility to get access to state-of-the art welding technology", says Jim Karlsen.

33 hours of arc time over a three-week period

Over a three-week period, hard-working welders in B&E Stål had 33 hours of arc time on the Sigma Select, which is configured with synergy and graphical control panel. They welded with flux-cored and solid wires in up to 20 mm steel plates.

"We noticed in particular that the machine is good at starts and stops and has efficient cooling. It welds precisely and stably, even in sheet metal, where precision is particularly important. We have not had welding machines with graphic control panels before but it has not been difficult to get used to it. It is easy to find the right settings", says Jim Karlsen.

Ergonomic advantages

Sigma Select is relatively large but its centre of gravity does not exceed 126 cm (exclusive of gas cylinder), which makes it movable and easy to handle in a workshop. The position of the wire chamber makes it is easy to slide rather than push heavy wire coils into place, and a low loading height (max. 61 mm) makes it easy to exchange the unhandy gas cylinders. The B&E Stål welders have not left these ergonomic advantages unnoticed:

"Exchanging large gas cylinders is easy because the bottom of the trolley, where the cylinder is, is so close to the floor. We do not have to lift the large gas cylinders but can easily push them into place. That is a big advantage for the welders", says Jim Karlsen.

Add-on new functions

Sigma Select is a modular-based welding machine, which allows users to tailor it according to specific needs and add on functions or welding programs, if requirements change.

Since B&E Stål produces ready-made tailored solutions, requirements for new equipment will occur now and then. Normally, the company purchases new welding machines if assignments require equipment, which is different from what they already have. Because it is easy to add on new functions to the Sigma Select, Jim Karlsen will consider this possibility.

"If we get an assignment for welding in aluminium, for example, we have the option of adding on pulse function to the synergic machine that we have tested. Buying a new pulse welding machine will be a large expense, because we rarely use the pulse function. However, it all depends on the specifications and extent of an assignment", says Jim Karlsen.