Alfa Laval

As part of its ongoing customer service and support, Alfa Laval assists the offshore industry in the maintenance and repairs of boilers worldwide. It is a job that demands high level of performance and mobility from both the service team and the necessary equipment, which is why Alfa Laval decided to replace its former welding machines with Migatronic’s new Omega Yard 300. A compact welding machine that outperforms its predecessors in portability, durability and cutting-edge technology.

Alfa Laval logo on a box
A world-leading marine boiler engineering company

The Swedish engineering giant supplies high-quality heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves for food, energy and marine industries in over 100 countries. One of its specialized areas within heat transfer concerns boilers for power plants and the marine industry, and the group is considered the world's leading marine boiler engineering company.

From its subsidiary in Aalborg, Denmark, Alfa Laval develops and manufactures boilers for the offshore industry, while it also provides service and maintenance of boilers worldwide for its customers. With the constant aim of improving its customers’ operations and help them stay ahead of their competitors, the subsidiary in Aalborg has a team of 25 dedicated maintenance experts, who travel around the world repairing and maintaining boilers in ports, at shipyards and at sea.

"Our job requires both skill and knowhow as well as a high level of mobility and flexibility; one day, an exhaust gas boiler on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico requires maintenance, the next day, a steam boiler on a container ship in the Atlantic Ocean needs optimization", says Martin Petersen, the Rental tools department at Alfa Laval Aalborg.

Omega Yard packed in a crate
Loading Omega Yard into a crate
Ideal for welders on the move

Back in the day, Alfa Laval’s service team had to drag along a colossal 400 kilo welding machine when repairing and maintaining its customers’ boilers, which involved time consuming and expensive transportation. The heavy old welding machines are now replaced by Migatronic’s Omega Yard 300 welding machine. A three-phase MIG/MAG and MMA inverter that weighs only 17 kilos, making it a compact yet powerful solution ideal for welders on the move.

"The Omega Yard has not only managed to optimize and simplify our service operations, it has reduced our freight charges drastically, as a 17 kilo machine is – logically – much cheaper to transport compared to a 400 kilo machine. The Omega Yard machines are also much easier to pack up because they fit in the same box as the other equipment and tools that our team bring along."

"The old welding machines had to be shipped on a separate pallet and were difficult to handle in terms of loading and unloading. All in all, the new Omega Yard machines have been a safe and viable investment for us, as the machines are paying for themselves every time we ship them out to our customers and put them to use", says Martin Petersen.

Omega Yard carried by carrying strap by worker
Omega Yard wet but still going
Easy on the move, easy to use

"Unlike our former machines, our team can bring the Omega Yard power source with them into the boiler. This makes their work process much smoother and more ergonomic, as they can easily adjust the settings close at hand. The Omega Yard is very user-friendly, and our staff were quick to familiarize themselves with the control panel. We can even lock the welding machine onto a specific welding program or setting from our facilities in Aalborg to ensure that no mistakes occur along the way. In this way, it is just plug and play for our maintenance and service team when they are in the field", says Martin Petersen.

Alfa Laval crate with Omega Yard inside