Intelligent, high-tech, outstanding

This is the full package. Sigma Galaxy is developed to amaze you.
Designed for intelligent welding beyond the ordinary.
Makes expert welders even better.

Keep a clear overview

Galaxy Control Panel

The digital soft key control panel is intuitive and provides a clear overview at all times. Navigate easily through the welding icons to establish your settings. Features pulse function and various automatic functions for easier welding.

Enjoy welding with Galaxy

Sigma Galaxy features a wealth of automatic functions which will make your welding processes easier, more efficient and much more fun. Choose the functions that match your welding production the most. With Galaxy, you will enjoy welding even more.

Simplify complex welds

Intelligent Arc ControlTM (IAC) makes difficult downward welding of root passes easy, even for less experienced welders. With a 100% stable and focused short arc, you achieve complete fusion in root passes. This increases the quality of each weld and your product.

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Secure maximum weld penetration

With PowerArc technology, you build strong and solid structures in mild and stainless steel. Achieve maximum weld penetration in thick plates when welding fillet welds and butt welds with PowerArc.

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For a perfect finish

Get stunning TIG-like welds with a MIG/MAG welding machine. DUO PlusTM technology automatically ensures a perfect final touch. It works in all materials, for all welding positions and all welders can do it. It’s quite simple.

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A clever digital memory

Take advantage of a digital memory in your welding machine - save your favourite welding settings and recall them anytime you want. Transfer settings to other Galaxy machines. Miga Job ControlTM makes it easy to find your routine settings and start welding right away.

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Register every weld

Keep track of your welding data with MigaLogTM software. Analyse and document your work. Use MigaLogTM to extract conclusive evidence for verification in accordance with EN and ISO welding standards.

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MIG robot integration

Go for efficiency and high productivity with automated welding. Sigma Galaxy is the ideal welding machine for integration with any type of robot.

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We decided to go for Migatronic’s Sigma Galaxy because of its outstanding welding performance and user friendly characteristics. Galaxy requires a higher level of craftsmanship but it is more satisfying and offers a higher level of work pleasure.

"With the combination of two separate wire feed units on the same power source, we can avoid borrowing each other’s’ equipment. That makes us much more efficient."

- Johan van Arkel, Welder and Laser Operator,
Greefa, The Netherlands

It’s keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Sigma Galaxy.

Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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