Superb, one of a kind

Designed for professional welding; from mounting to heavy industry and automated solutions.
Makes advanced welding user-friendly altogether.
Ideal for devoted welders in professional welding productions.

Go offshore with Sigma

Go for extra protection and safety features: portable wire feed unit, protective frames, protected PCBs, crane lift eyes and corrosion-protected plugs. Then you will not need to worry when using your Sigma at shipyards and other heavy industries.

Nicon Industries

The Sigma is future-proof in the sense that it can receive software updates throughout its service life, while it is also a very robust yet mobile machine that enables our workers to do their job in rough, offshore working environments.

- Anders Hecht-Pedersen, CEO,
Nicon, Denmark

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This is how advanced welding becomes easy to control

Secure maximum weld penetration

With PowerArc technology, you build strong and solid structures in mild and stainless steel. Achieve maximum weld penetration in thick plates when welding fillet welds and butt welds with PowerArc.

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For a perfect finish

Get stunning TIG-like welds with a MIG/MAG welding machine. DUO PlusTM technology automatically ensures a perfect final touch. It works in all materials, for all welding positions and all welders can do it. It’s quite simple.

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Weld on multiple voltages

Add an autotransformer to your Sigma. Carry out welding and brazing on 230-400-500 three-phase mains voltages.


Integrate Sigma with a robot

Integrate Sigma with a robot with an analogue interface and robot wire feeder. Get high quality, uniform welds and make your welding production more efficient.

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Thyborøn Trawldoor

The welders are pleased with our Sigma 500 welding machines. There are just a few buttons and options of adjustments, so the machines are quite easy to use - no matter how experienced a welder you are.

– Product Manager and Co-owner Lars Andreasen,
Thyborøn Trawldoor, Denmark

KML Miller

Our engineers and welding operators are enthusiastic about the ease-of-operation and pre-programmed welding processes for almost all applications, whether for the frequently used fine-grained steel or for extruded aluminium profiles in various alloys.

The Migatronic pulse arc, enabling almost spatter-free welding at optimal heat input and high welding speed, results in technologically and aesthetically perfect weld seams.

- Sven Lewen, IWE and Welding Supervisor,
KML Miller GmbH, Germany

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It’s keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Sigma.

Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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