A structured investment process throughout all phases

We want to ensure a process with the prospect of a fast return on investment. That is why entering into close partnerships is necessary. A SIP project agreement provides a structured investment process throughout all phases. We guarantee that all invested resources are spent on realistic projects.

Phase 1 - Specification

  • Needs analysis
  • Project analysis
  • Time schedule
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Workshop

Phase 2 - Design

  • Pre-analysis - Requirements for welding process, automation, workpieces, layout, handling, flow
  • Solution concept - Welding process, robot solution, layout, peripheral equipment, interface
  • Solution assessment - Welding tests, visualisation of solution, Return On Investment



Phase 3 - Project

  • Quotation - Presentation meeting
  • Negotiation - Clarification of technical/commercial issues
  • Project agreement - Contract signing
  • Projekt start - Installation, training and implementation


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They did not try to present us with a simple standard solution. Instead, they assessed our needs thoroughly and provided us with great consultancy throughout the process, which resulted in the best possible automated welding solution for us. Migatronic Automations project-based approach to the task has been exemplary.

- Carl Jørn Jacobsen, Welding Technician,
Logitrans, Denmark

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