Automig² i

User-friendly, synergic inverter-based MIG/MAG welding machine with MIG brazing process

Automig²-i is designed for welding and MIG brazing in high-tensile steel and galvanised steel. The machine is developed to meet the increasing demands for joining materials in professional car repair shops.

  • Digital, synergic control panel with preset welding programs
  • MIG brazing process for galvanised steel – ensures maintenance of the welded material and reduces post-treatment
  • Pulse and double pulse function
  • DUO version with two wire rolls for quick switch between welding and MIG brazing operations

Automig²-i is the seventh generation of welding machines that matches the requirements made by the auto business and light industries.

Digitalised user-friendliness

The Automig²-i is a range of compact welding machines with digitised and synergic control panels, preset welding programs and automated functions. All you need to do is set wire dimension and material, and the Automig²-i will automatically adjust all other parameters, ensuring you fast and easy start-up of your welding process.

Avoid wasting time on wire changes

The Automig²-i DUO versions have space for two wire rolls, which makes it simple for you to switch between welding operations and MIG brazing without having to change hoses, wires, wire drive rolls and gas.

Automig²-i is equipped with four-roll wire feed system. This ensures stable and precise wire feeding.

MIG brazing – an efficient and cost-effective process

Automig²-i is ideal for MIG brazing high-tensile steel and galvanised steel owing to its distinguished start-performance and dedicated MIG brazing programs.

Whereas regular MIG welding compromises high tensile steel’s corrosion resistance and strength, MIG brazing is more gentle towards the material. The process does not require as intense heat as regular MIG welding. That is why MIG brazing is the preferred alternative when working with high-tensile steel.

The MIG brazing process efficiently melts the wire on top of a workpiece without melting the base material. The wire consists of material that has a lower fusion point than the workpieces that are to be joined.

Working with high-tensile steel demands MIG brazing. The process ensures maintenance of the material in terms of corrosion and strength owing to the low temperature effect. Brazing also reduces your time spent on post-treatment of distortion of plates and beams. That is cost-effective.

Automig²-i 273

The Automig²-i 273 versions feature extra functionalities making the welding tasks even simpler for the auto welders.

The Automig²-i 273 versions are available with AUTOPULS control panel, which features pulse and double pulse functions. Double pulse is an advanced pulse function, which results in better control of the arc and an increased arc pressure, yielding a TIG-like weld appearance.

Both Automig²-i 273 and 273i DUO can be equipped with an electronic Boost Converter for welding and brazing on all single-phase and three-phase mains voltages.


2/4 stroke

Use the torch trigger to start and stop the welding process with either 2-stroke or 4-stroke function.

Four-roll wire feed system

Automig²-i is equipped with four-roll wire feed system. This ensures stable and precise wire feeding.

Torch regulation

Allows you to control welding parameters such as amps, wire feed speed and material thickness via buttons on the torch (dialog torch).

Software updates via SD card

Download the latest software updates. Meet future requirements for welding processes and repair of new types of steel which gain acceptance in the auto business.

Highlighted features

MIG brazing

Use the process for joining materials without melting workpieces. When the filler wire melts, it flows over the material with hardly any impact on the alloy.

Double pulse

Double pulse technology optimises control of the weld pool and improves traditional MIG/MAG sequence welding. It automatically controls the set welding current and ensures several cooling periods during a weld.