Automig 300 Pulse

Top-class MIG/MAG welding machine

Made to surmount the challenges of welding and MIG brazing high-tensile steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, the Automig 300 Pulse provides a tailored welding experience packed with resource-saving features at every turn.

  • Pulse MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing
  • User-friendly - speeds up your work process
  • Advanced welding functions such as double pulse
  • Up to three wire spools at a time

Automig 300 Pulse is the result of 50 years in the field of making welding equipment for the auto repair business.

User-friendly set-up and control

Automig 300 Pulse comes with welding programs selected specifically for auto repair. The graphic display makes it simple to choose the right welding program. Select type of wire and gas, and the wizard automatically finds the right program. Now you can adjust welding parameters with the turn of a single button. Whether you set by amperage, wire feed speed or material thickness is up to you, the machine synergically adjusts all other parameters.

Once your parameters are set up perfectly, you can save up to five specific settings, using MigaMemory. Next time you weld a similar workpiece, simply load the saved settings.

Changing wire and liner is time-consuming. That is why Automig 300 Pulse is available with up to three wire spools and torches. This makes it easy for you to switch between different materials and welding processes. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active. Simply press the trigger.

An uncompromising welding experience

The Automig 300 Pulse is ideal for passionate auto welders. The machine features synergic welding programs and functions like double pulse and spot-interval. Double pulse which reduces spatter to a minimum is ideal for welding and MIG brazing. Excellent start performance is of particular importance in repair shops, where sheet-metal workers have many starts and stops during welding.

Semi-automatic tacking
The machine features an easy tacking function. Just set a duration for each tack-and-pause, and weld. Move the torch consistently over the workpiece, while the four-roll wire feed system with tacho control feeds welding wire with high precision in your defined sequences.

Safety first

Automig 300 Pulse meets car makers’ standards regarding usability, weld performance, design and features. Our main priority is to make sure that repaired cars can be sent safely back into traffic. That means maintaining the corrosion resistance and strength of the steel after repairing or replacing parts.

The Automig 300 Pulse is able to weld and MIG braze at lower amperages; a clear advantage because the metals in cars become increasingly thin. The low amperage helps reduce thermal impact and the risk of damage to the steel.

The double pulse function enables you to weld faster in sheet metals with a TIG-like appearance and lower risk of heat deformation. This allows you to process thin high-tensile steel frames and plates precisely according to carmakers' instructions and save time on post-treatment.


User interface

The graphical soft-key control panel is intuitive and provides a clear overview at all times. Navigate easily through the welding icons to establish your settings.

Up to three wire spools

Automig 300 Pulse DUO and TRIO have room for two and three wire spools. You can easily make quick changeovers between welding and brazing operations without having to change liner or wire drive rolls.

Save your settings

Take advantage of a digital memory in your welding machine - save your favourite welding settings and recall them anytime you want. It is easy to find your routine settings and start welding right away.

Highlighted features

Double pulse

Double pulse technology optimises control of the weld pool and improves traditional MIG/MAG sequence welding. It automatically controls the set welding current and ensures several cooling periods during a weld.

MIG brazing

Use the process for joining materials without melting workpieces. When the filler wire melts, it flows over the material with hardly any impact on the alloy.

2 stroke/4 stroke

Use the torch trigger to start and stop the welding process with either 2-stroke or 4-stroke function.

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It's keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Automig 300 Pulse.
Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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