Audi chooses Danish welding machine

Nothing but the best is good enough. And Migatronic was the best welding machine when in the autumn of 2009 German Audi held Grand Opening of the world’s most spectacular Audi concept shop in the Danish town Fredericia.

The Danish welding machine manufacturer Migatronic passed a fierce test and became one of the chosen who were invited into the beautiful surroundings of the Fredericia workshop.   

  - We repair the finest cars and that is why we only want to use first-class tools. We aim at top quality in everything we do so every single solution in our house has been carefully selected, says Claus Bjerring, manager of the new Audi dealer shop in Fredericia.

That is why three Migatronic welding machines have now ended up in the Audi workshop in Fredericia along with other branded articles of tools, vacuum cleaners, small vehicles and other equipment needed in a repair shop.

Two types of welding machines from the Migatronic welding machine manufacturer have found their way into the almost sterile and tidy Audi workshop. One of the machines is an Omega 180 Automig, which can be used for MIG welding and MIG brazing, and with aluminium wire for the automotive segment. The other machine type is a Flex 3000 Duo, featuring two torch outlets for separate wire feed units, and with room for two gas cylinders on the trolley, allowing quick changeover between MIG brazing and welding.

- We chose Migatronic machines because they have the special approvals required by Audi and of course they are recognized as good welding machines. Migatronic is also a well-reputed Danish company whose quality products fit well into our concept, says Erling Pedersen, shop superintendent at Audi in Fredericia.

At the same time, Migatronic can be pleased with the fact that through the co-operation, they also live up to Audi’s four of business keywords: ”Advancement through Technology”, ”sporty”, ”progressive” and ”sophisticated”. 

Change of colour

The long-established welding machine manufacturer had to change one thing, though, when the agreement was signed. The well-known green colour, the manufacturer’s trademark, had to be replaced by anthracite black and grey-toned Audi colours.

Nothing is left to chance in Audi workshops, nor the colours either.

- We want to be the best in the premium segment with cars like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Saab and Volvo. This means that things have to be fully implemented, and we do not compromise neither on quality nor surroundings. This also gives out signals to our employees who find it easier to commit themselves in their daily work. Therefore, it is also quite natural for us to use the same colours in the interior as well as on the tools in all our concept shops, says manager Claus Bjerring.

- We had to think about the colours because we are proud of and pleased with our green colour which is our brand, but of course we also understood Audi and respected their way of doing things. So once in a while we can make our machines grey and black, says Majbritt Hansen, marketing manager of Migatronic.

New welding requirements

Michael Thomsen and Rene Kristensen, two sheet metal workers, just got an Audi TTS rolled into the workshop in Fredericia. It is a sporty and fast little number that makes heavy demands on the tools.

- Both the Flex 3000 Duo and the Omega 180 Automig are ideal for the modern, fast cars in thin plates. Just ten to fifteen years ago, materials were much thicker and the welding equipment was equally heavy and clumsy. There would be many pauses during a welding operation. Today, the equipment is handy and user-friendly, says Michael Thomsen.

And he is very excited about the personal card for the Flex 3000 Duo machine.

- I save my data and can quickly start up the machine again. I just insert the card and then the machine is set to my way of welding. I don’t have to set the machine from time to time.

An Audi A8 is made of pure aluminium, and here the new welding techniques are displayed to full advantage. It is also reassuring to know that Migatronic is the only manufacturer who has been approved from the very beginning.

- When we MIG-braze joints, the original work on the car is preserved. The material in cars has become much thinner which of course changes the reactions of the steel to weldings. This change makes increasingly heavy demands on the welding process. With the modern welding machines, we can make a finish that makes sure that the original expression does not disappear, as was the case with old-fashioned, heavy welding, says Rene Kristensen.

In distinguished company

The Migatronic machines have been given access to distinguished company. The Audi dealer shop in Fredericia is considered one of the most beautiful Audi concept shops in the world.

- According to our main office in Ingolstadt, the company will continue to expand and no doubt there will be more new shops. But so far, we are one of the lighthouses. The intention is that an Audi should always be presented in frames like these throughout the world. According to our concept strategy up to 2015, we are to be the best in the premium segment, says manager Claus Bjerring.

Right now, Audi in Denmark is preparing another concept shop, which is going to be based on the Danish island Zealand.

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